Thursday, June 7, 2012

Which one?

Hello Bruce
I haven't thrown a contest in your faces for many months. So I'm making up for it today. Here is a list of things. One of them does not fit on the list. Which one, in your expert opinion, does not belong on the list, and why.
Free Gift
PIN Number
Opening Gambit
ATM Machine
VCR Recorder
Sum Total
Rapid Transit
Close Proximity
ICBM Missile
He Exits
NATO Organization
Unexpected Surprise
Philharmonic Orchestra
False Pretenses
UFO Object
The decision of the ornery, biased judge is final.
Good luck.


Geo. said...

Hmmm. This is a poser. I'm torn between two items: "ICBM Missal" contains Missile in its intials and Missal --a book for Catholic Mass-- as a redundant homonym; All entries in list are nouns except "He Exits" which contains a verb. Altho the Pope might be firing missiles armed with liturgical texts, I think I'll go with "He Exits".

Rubye Jack said...

I'm thinking Close Encounters of the Third Kind and that "raid transit" doesn't belong simply because I don't know what it is.

Geo. said...

Contest corrected? --must consult revised script. Hamlet (sotto voce):
Ah, where lately "raid" to "rapid" hath sped,
I was, by "missal" to "missile", misled!

Still lean toward "He Exits" because unredundant. But like the word "Opuses" because it doesn't exist. Plural of opus is opera.