Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Classic Configuration

Keep a green tree alive in your heart
and a song bird may come and sing there.

Chinese proverb

Outside my apartment there's a tree. And every year a bird comes and lives in it. She shows up in the Spring, builds a nest, finds an appropriate soul mate, lays some eggs and raises a family. She's also quite a conversationalist. She gets up early, around 4:30, and chatters away for about half an hour, then goes back to sleep until around 7:00 when she starts in again.

Today was a chilly morning in eastern Pennsylvania. There was frost on the jack'o'lanterns. She'll soon be going south again with her buddies, about the same time as the leaves change color. Perhaps she'll spend the winter with Bethe down in Palm Harbor. But when Spring comes she'll be back. Then she'll let me know that warm weather is on the way again.

Do I miss her when she's gone? You bet. And if some fool were to chop down the tree she would have to find another home and I would be deprived of her company.
What kind of a bird is she? I don't know, I'm not a bird watcher. She's my song bird, that's all I care about.

It is indeed a difficult thing to keep the green tree standing during the bleak times of life. I read a bunch of entries both from emails and in my journals, from folks who are suffering hard times, physically, emotionally and financially. And heaven knows I am having some hard times myself. But I am always pleased to see a sentence or two of hope and light coming from those people even in the midst of pain and sorrow.

The joy of the song bird may not come with the seasons, but it can only come if the heart and mind are prepared for it.

Every day has its problem and every problem has its solution. Some things take time. I am willing to wait out the winter for my song bird to reappear, because I know she will. I am willing to have the patience to wait for the answer to my life's problems. I am willing to keep the green tree alive. Every day is a test.

DB - Vagabond Journeys

Attention Spotters: My monitor took almost an hour to stop blinking and turn on this morning. I can't afford a new on. Not for quite a while. Even if I could scrape the money together, I can't get to where I could buy one, not in this location. And if I can't read the Internet I can't buy one on line. So if I don't show up at all some day, that's the reason. DB


Beth said...

D, I'd be willing to bet that your bird is a wren. They have beautiful songs!

I love the analogy of keeping the green tree alive. Our hummingbirds have become a bit of a symbol of spring to me. I'm always sad when they leave in the fall, but I know that when I see them again, warm weather is here! It's an awakening of the senses to me, after what always seems like a long winter.

Don't give up on finding a monitor. Do you have a thrift store in the area?

Hugs, Beth

Mark and Elayne said...

I too have a song bird outside my window. While Mark was in Iraq, I would look forward to hearing her sweet songs.
She now sings for both of us :)
Hugs, Laini

Solitary Dancer said...

Keep a green tree alive in your heart
and a song bird may come and sing there.

That's an awesome thought to carry around.

I love it. Makes you stop and think about what you're growing in your heart or what's stagnating and dying.

Thanks for a great post


Big Mark 243 said...

I liked this entry a lot! I hope that you get that monitor thing straightend out. Will miss you should you leave ... just make sure you do like your songbird and make it back!

Stuart said...

excellent entry.hope your monitor survives

Joyce said...

I'm thinking Wren like Beth. I used to have one when I lived in my house. I had lots of birds (because I had lots of feeders) but the Wren had the prettiest song. Anyway, I wish I could send you a monitor (or the money for one). I would hate to lose you my friend.
Hugs, Joyce

Searching for Peace said...

I love birds. Even when things are tough , they will sing thier hearts out. I wish I could be like the song bird. I have taken a turn for the worst. My depression has over taken me. I will try to take your advice and try to find a song in my life.I will miss you terribly if you dont get online. :(
Hugs, Christine

Leigh said...

What a wonderful philosophy to follow. Similar thoughts carried me through some of the toughest times of my life.
I hope your monitor lasts till another can be found!
:) Leigh