Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Winter Wonderland

I'd like to announce that it is snowing in eastern Pennsylvania, great huge snow flakes some as big as my big toe (I know because I stuck my foot out to see). Winter is here. If you want winter, it's over here. It's mighty beautiful.

DB - The Vag


Dannelle said...

Mighty beautiful, very necessary, but i do not like it SAM I AM! I can only enjoy it's beauty if I am not cold- like that's going to happen! I like the stews and soups, warm bread and blankets, but fear the ice and propane bills! Dannelle

Sue said...

DB, I live in New Jersey, I saw the same flakes, geez it is not even Halloween, this stuff isn't suppose to happen until Christmas. How about we do a stop the rain/white stuff dance? I refuse to use the s word. I hope you arent going to the Phillies game tomorrow, suppose to be just as cold and windy. At least it isn't the cold Brian is feeling right now. Bundle up.


Beth said...

I agree, it's beautiful. I just wasn't quite mentally prepared for it yet. Most of it here has melted now, and we're supposed to have some warmer weather later in the week. I really am NOT ready for this!

Hugs, Beth

Justplainbill said...

Hey, yes it snowed in PA today in lower Montgomery County. I had at least an inch on my back deck and a three inch drift on by front step. I am not crazy about snow or cold weather. I can still see it on the ground in lights from the houses. Yet it did not snow in Norristown which is seven miles from us.

Give me hot and humid and I am happy.

The last time we had snow in October was in 1979 and I don't want to see it again until 2039.
To add to my misery we lost elecrricty for three hours and several trees lost a lot of large branches.
Who needs that? Bill

krissy knox said...

Ugh, snow. I don't even want to think about it! It is not snowing in central PA, but the radar system says it may at anytime. Well, actually at first it was supposed to snow, and now they say it might be a "Wintery Mix". That is a poetic phrase for a rainy, snowy, disgusting, slippery, wet mix! I guess I am not prepared because I never really got to do what I wanted to this summer or fall. And now that we are already going into winter... Well I'm just too darn cold!

Krissy :)

Joann said...

I WANT WINTER!!!!! I'm in So. Calif.... it's been in the 90's here. Should get to the 70's by the weekend though... I HOPE!!


Big Mark 243 said...

Not a fan of winter ... but I never let it deter me. Cold? Put on your coat and wear a hat!

There is something more special about the quiet of a snowfall with heavy flakes. Love the look of the oustide when it gets to be a 'blanket' and makes the outside world sound in a hush.

Don't mind doing my running in the early morning, with the luminescence being provided by the light being magnified by the snow. Cool beans.