Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jazzy Javelin 10/28/08

Of all noises, I think music is the least disagreeable.

Samuel Johnson


There is one thing in this world that I can honestly say that I hate. I'm somewhat ashamed to say that I hate anything, but this one thing I truly detest. I hate it so much it can send me into a rage.

Ugliness disgusts me. Disappointment and dashed hopes make me sad. War and torture anger me. The abuse of children and animals makes me sick. But I HATE NOISE.

The increasing cacophony around us is one of the greatest threats to civilization there is. I think the internal combustion engine is a marvelous thing. But when it finds its way into lawnmowers, hedge trimmers and leaf blowers it becomes a menace. The ironic thing is that when you buy one of those things they will put in ear plugs so that the noise doesn't bother you. But they give you no ear plugs for your neighbors.

In Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, they wait until noon, when everyone is out on lunch break sitting in the park, enjoying the peace and listening to the birds, to start mowing the lawn or blowing the leaves around. That's another bit of irony.
In New Hampshire one year a man decided to make a few bucks by installing a Go Cart track in his back yard, oblivious to the idea that the noise would annoy his neighbors. A bunch of people from all over town chipped in to hire a lawyer to get the thing closed down.

I love music, I hate noise. When most people think music they think songs. Songs are good. I like songs. But songs are mainly about words, lyrics, not about music. In many cases the music is minimal, it's the words that matter. In the case of Rap the music has virtually disappeared (even though it's still called "music"). I have also noticed that with some popular music the stupider the song the louder they play it.

I don't care for Rock Music, most of it is way too noisy for me, but I won't put it down because there is extremely good musicianship among some of the performers. I don't care a rap for Rap.

Pure music (if there is such a thing) is classical, jazz and some new age. Folk is usually pleasant to hear, but it's very simple by nature of what it is. And Opera is for crazy opera lovers like me.

In 1685 a man was born in Germany named Johann Sebastian Bach, who took all of the music which came to him from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, organized, codified and engineered it into some of the greatest music ever written He wrapped music up in a golden spear and thrust it out into the world to weave through the centuries right into our own and it';s still flying. Western music, of whatever kind or style, owes its forever existence to Bach. And every serious musician will acknowledge that.

But the horrifying fact, which Bach could never have imagined, is that the noises of the world are drowning out the music of the world. Noise is a pollution. It's toxic, dangerous and destructive. And it's getting worse.

So remember, the next time you take out that motorized lawn mower or leaf blower that, unless you live where there are no houses near you, you are destroying the neighborhood.

DB - Vagabond Journeys


Bethe said...

I must have listened to 4-5 dogs barking for at least 4 hours today before I closed the door to turn the A/C on. Now to me, Jazz is noise. My brain just interprets it's unorganized sounds that way. hugs DB, Bethe

a corgi said...

great entry, DB; I prefer quiet, to me the best music is praise music or my hubby playing the guitar


Leigh said...

I listen to alot of rock, metal, and alternative rock. In most cases, for me, it's the music, the melody, arrangement, that holds my attention.
More often than not, the words are given a backseat, go relatively unnoticed.
Have a great day.
:) Leigh

Indigo said...

In the relative absence of something, anything you might of detested beforehand...giving any emotional expenditure to..even hate. It would be missed.

I never knew how much I would love to belong to that noisisome, noise pollution congregation again...until I went deaf and could no longer be counted among the complainers.


Beth said...

You know I love rock music, D, but more often than not, I sit here during the day in silence. I've found that as I've gotten older, I'm more comfortable with my own thoughts, or the sounds of nature around me, and I don't feel the need for further stimulation.

I still have my occasional moments where I crank it up, though. ;)

Hugs, Beth

Alice said...

I usually have my radio playing where I get local news, state news and plenty of music. They play an assortment of old stuff. My radio stays on in my bathroom 24/7. I do HATE commercials on radio or tv :)....