Monday, October 6, 2008

Omnipresent Offering

I really just want to be a warm yellow light
that pours over everyone I love.
Conner Oberst

I spent my life as an entertainer. As an actor the motive was to share the talent and ability I was blessed with and the craft and experience I developed, to touch people's hearts and minds, to heal.

Now, since I can't work any more, due to illness, I am trying to do the same things through my writing. I try to share my thoughts and feelings, my impressions and lessons, and, though the payback is sparse, I seem to keep doing it.

But I'm pushed down hard with the burdens of sickness, pain, poverty, debt, threats and other troubles. And one day I will stop. It's inevitable.

One of these days I'm gonna set my burdens down.
One of these days, Lord, I'm gonna set my burdens down.
One of these days I'm gonna set my burdens down,
And carry my song away.


Joyce said...

You sound so down DB. Life can be so difficult and wonderful at the same time. I think when we become older and don't get around well and are feeling abandoned by old friends, it becomes difficult to see any bright side. My mother used to say "as long as you have somethng to do, something to look forward to and someone to love you'll be OK". I didn't understand what she meant back then but I sure do now.
Hugs, Joyce

a corgi said...

hope you are doing okay, DB; I agree with what Joyce said; hope you aren't down :(

hoping tomorrow is a bit more better for you


Leigh said...

Words are a precious gift given freely. In your case, words that evoke thought processes on life. Your theatre audience may be a bit smaller here, but the words are still just as meaningful.
Have a good day!
:) Leigh

Karen said...

Hey DB, cheer up! As Lil Orphan Annie says, "The sun will come up tomorrow". I know how you feel when you are down and that is OK. Your writing is your outlet and thank goodness your have friends inside your computer to come over and cheer you up. Count me in as one of them. -Karen

Beth said...

I think your writing is a great way to keep you connected with others. You have that gift, and I hope you continue to share it with us.

Love, Beth

Dannelle said...

As long as you aren't crooning "I'll fly away, oh, Glory, I'Lll fly away..." like my Grandma did when she was feeling down! Actually she did it to get to my Mother who usually had caused Gram to fee bad. Write away, quote and pun, don't cry or the ink will run~ Love, Dannelle

Indigo said...

Whenever we write, we give the gift of ourselves within our words. Thank you for the gift of you...always. (Hugs)Indigo

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

D, I know that the transition to Blogger has been difficult, but hang in there. As each day progresses and passes, you will have more readers, more commenters, and more opportunities to touch the lives of others, like you have touched ours my friend :o)