Monday, June 28, 2010

Beat The Heat

When in doubt sing loud.


I don't feel well today. I never feel well but today my brain feels like a large stone and all the energy has fled from the rest of me.

I did a couple of shows with an Israeli director who whenever I wasn't feeling well suggested I should take some vitamins, which, in her Hebrew accent, she pronounced "weetaminz." so I took my weetaminz this morning and have had my oats. But every time I eat something I feel like taking a nap. Vitamins these days are sometimes called "food supplements" which is one of the sillies titles ever.

I have a bottle of third rate apple juice. The market was out of Motts, which is the first rate, gourmet, state of the art, fruit of the loom apple juice. (No one paid me to say that.) Folks around here know from apple juice.

I have to put a little sugar in the apple juice I have to make it palatable. I sometimes wonder if there is any nutritional value in any of the food I eat. I'm thawing some chopped beef for dinner, to go with my rice and beans, at least I think it's beef, one is never quite sure these day.

It's hotter than virgin lava here. I've got the ac going, the fan is up full blast, but they're just blowing the hot air around as I am right now. Every now and then I take a hot shower which helps. "What? A hot shower? Why not a cold one?" Because a hot shower heats up the body and makes the air seem cooler. That's why the people who live in equatorial climates eat all that hot food: chili, tacos, enchiladas. peppers, all that diabolo heats up the blood and makes the air cooler than the body. Those people aren't stupid.

Now the question is, isn't this the dullest, most boring and uninteresting vagabond journey you've ever read? I thought so. But I have to stay at the keyboard. If I move over the bed I'll lie down and sleep through the day.

And now here's the answer to the WEEKEND PUZZLE.

The winner is of the Blogspot Tigers who wins the grand prize of an Olivetti typewriter spool. You were asked to continue the story --

It was an early September in the afternoon. The sky was darkening and a storm was threatened. But Dick and Jane needed to reach the other side of the lake. So they got into their canoe with two bags of groceries and Maxine, their Chihuahua. They began paddling across the lake and everything was going well until....

out of the gray’ an object appeared.
It was like nothing that had ever been seen in, on or above this lake before.

Dick and Jane stopped paddling.

Maxine (being descended from generations of fighting dogs) barked her willingness to attack irrespective of the fact ‘It’ was so big her eyes (renowned for their size) were unable to bring it into focus.

The lake boiled under the storm. Dick and Jane were thrown from the canoe.

Maxine stood her ground and the canoe answered her courage by slicing through the waves that threatened to inundate it.

After the storm the canoe was found on the other side of the lake containing two bags of groceries guarded by a Chihuahua.

Morning mist had descended over the lake and carried all that had occurred into a time yet to be explored by man but was already known by one small dog.

Medical records later identified Dick and Jane.

Maxine tried to tell what she knew and barked fit to bust but she was faced with ignorance.

Maxine then decided to take the best on offer and jumped into the soft lap of the reporter that initially came to expose the cause of the tragedy.

I can only report what my Chihuahua tells me.

It was like nothing that had ever been seen in, on or above the lake…

(Thank you.)



Rene said...

Sorry about the heat DB. As for energy I hope you are taking Vitamin B-12 sublingual 2500 mcg or so, and I recomend SAMe 200 mg daily for everything else. We had 98 degrees over here today, but I kept the AC at 76 degrees and stayed indoors. Bon chance mon ami.

salemslot9 said...

we have Mott's
must've been on sale
it was cheaper
than the generic brand

pacifica62 said...

"...isn't this the dullest, most boring and uninteresting vagabond journey you've ever read?" No, not really. I do not find it boring at all. What is wrong with lying down and sleeping through the day? Perhaps your body is telling you something ---people who live in very warm climates always take siestas during the hottest part of the day. Rest and let your body heal itself.

DB said...

Thank you Pacifica

Arlene (AJ) said...

Understand about the heat DB, we're in SC and it has not been under 90 since June 8, I'm praying for snow to cool things down. Hope you feel better. Try and keep your energy level up. Stay indoors as much as you can, you don't want to be out if you don't have too. Your blog boring, never DB.

Big Mark 243 said...

No, I don't find this entry boring at all. In fact, I rather enjoy mundane entries because it shows a stability to someones life that people often take for granted.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Cooler weather here now, so it will be coming your way soon.

pacifica62 said...

I am a little concerned now as I do not see an entry for Tuesday. Hope you are doing alright there db.

Liz said...

Thank you so much DB. Your appreciation is much appreciated and your appreciable prize will be much prized.
In your generosity have you included the cost of postage across the pond? I would be more than happy with an e-mailed photograph of your painting of the said ‘prize’ against a background displaying the courage of Maxine in the storm.
You should title it ‘ Type Caste Away’