Monday, June 21, 2010

Spring Into Summer

To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring.

George Santayana
In your opinion what is the most amazing thing that could happen during this decade? Make it as outrageous as you want but keep it within the realm of what you consider a possibility.

This question brought a wide variety of answers from many sources and points of view. I am impressed. Enjoy them. Then check out the Summer Question below.

I am hoping for, and think it is possible, to have a cure for most if not all cancers.
At or towards the end of it I'll be collecting my pensions and be
close to, if not already, collecting Social Security.
A spaceship from another world lands, makes peaceful contact and fills us in on what’s happening out there. Finally!
My Spring event would be building bridges... Bridges to cross countries, cross barriers, cross cultures, bridges to close the gap of hate to love, close the gap of differences to see the similarities of all... I'm Building Bridges...
What could happen during this decade? World Peace~wouldn't that be nice
I think a very significant thing in the next decade, one that is definitely achievable, would be the development of a clean, safe, renewable energy source. It would change the world as we know it in many ways!
The most amazing thing...
One day the world suddenly changed and everyone was pleasant from then on- There would be no wars, no violence,no arguments--no nasty remarks,no dirty deeds done dirt cheap..just a world without tension from that day on.

Ooooh wouldn't it be lovely!!

I thought about no more illness and no world hunger but those will maybe come in time if all is right with the world.
The RAPTURE!!! (you asked!)
The Democrats will lose control of the US House and Senate. Obama will be a one term president. We will have a GOP president in next, who will have been elected in part by the help of the Tea Party Movement. Republicans will be in power for awhile (if they don't blow it -- by becoming too progressive).
I'm not sure what truly amazing thing will happen this decade, but I believe it will definitely have something to do with technology. Our advances are coming so quickly, even in the last several years alone. I think one of the things that could happen, perhaps, is everyone will get tracked by a number so that their daily doings and whereabouts will be known. Perhaps this will be done with an implanted chip (on one's body?). If you think this is nuts, I have seen, on documentaries, that this is occuring in countries other than the US -- although i think it may be done at this time only for political prisoners and not the average citizen of a country. This could get into a problem i think, like a big brother thing. Why? Bc if you start to track political prisoners bc of their values, polititics and opinions, who's to say whose political opinion is correct? I think it was in Iran (not sure) that people were getting chipped after protesting the dictator there who is not for democracy, and is for killing the people to keep his power. this is WRONG. they have a tracking chip on them and now will be forever followed by their country when they did nothing wrong but protest an evil dictator. Wrong

I'm hoping that something else amazing that will happen this decade will be a spiritual renewal of some kind -- and that people will come to know that Jesus is real and is Lord, and want to follow His ways. Many say Jesus is coming back soon. Soon for Him could be this decade or in a thousand years, bc, what does soon mean to the Lord? Soon for Him COULD be a thousand years and not this decade -- who knows? So while I don't think He will most likely come back in the 2010's or 20teens (not sure though), I do believe Jesus will give us some kind of spiritual renewal and awakening, and let those who don't know about Him know Him, and those who do will be able to ammend their ways and come to know the Lord more fully.

Okay, perhaps we'll have technology and the Lord at the same time I guess, then, this decade! This should be a fun decade i think!
In answer to your question about the most amazing thing I'd like to see in this world...1. Peace 2. No starving people anywhere.
I want us to go back in time --how far...back to the time of my childhood..when doors didn't have to be knew your neighbors and they all looked out for each were there for the asking....children addressed elders as yes mam--yes sir,people were not looked down upon because of their clothing or education or lack of,a young girl could walk home in the dark from her friends house and sing and be happy,not fearful for her very life,I cry to think what has become of this world and what is yet to come...yes give me back those simplier,trusting,loving times.................
My thought on this is that it would be most amazing if in the next decade we could find an effective and total way to handle our waste safely and in a green manner without dumping it into the ocean or creating toxic dump wastelands and helping the world do this. Especially of focus would be the plastic that the animals keep swallowing, such as the plastic bags and the bottles…but in general keep our waste from harming the earth and each other. I’m not just talking about recycling efforts here and there. I’m talking about a comprehensive and total process that creatively handles this without fines and penalties. A process which would be something new that transforms our culture into making and using things with as little waste as possible without reducing our standard of living.
I’ve seen some of this beginning to happen, I believe it is doable. They (companies out there) can do all sorts of things with plastic that has been used once and in our area there is a program for those plastic grocery bags at our grocery store. Return them and the store will ship them off to be made into other things. Only problem is that I use them for the kitchen garbage and kitty litterbox cleanup and I forget to bring the excess unneeded bags back to the grocery store so I just save them and they stack up. I could use paper but it’s harmful to the environment to make paper even though it is biodegradable once it’s made. If we could just figure out another way…provide boxes like Costco? Just don’t have the bags…so people would bring their own as a habit or buy one at the counter when they forget? Ok…I’m not supposed to offer solutions here but it sure makes one think and I’m now positioned to do something different. Thanks for this very compelling question.
There you have it…
The most amazing thing that could happen in this decade would be a global nuclear arms treaty in which all nations agree to destroy nuclear weapons and nuclear weapons capabilities. And nations without weapons would agree to develop nuclear capability only for peaceful purposes. All nations would agree to engage their best physicists in a global panel of watchdogs, each nation providing the same number of participants regardless of their degree of nuclear capability.
Spring Question: Most amazing thing that could happen in the next decade is bi-partisanship and that we balance our national budget.
Thank you everyone.

(This is not a contest.)

Who are the 2 (two) most important people alive today? Why?

Thank you.


Valerie said...

Those were so postive to read. Thanks, my friend.

Nance said...

2 Most Important People. Hmmm. Angela Merkel because Germany's form of capitalism will survive (ours, doubtful)and she's got a good grasp of the model. Hu Jintao, China, because their state-run version of capitalism is positioned to ride this global recession.

DB said...

Thank you Nance