Saturday, June 19, 2010

They Walk Among Us

I love to see the parks fill up with young life each summer...I am joining them for a day lest I grow old before my time.

Macrina Wiederkehr
From my window I can see them. They walk in a lively manner. I like to see them. When they get where they're going they do the things they like to do. They are going to the library.

I was invited to visit some people I know for a few days one Christmas. They had three children aged from 6 to 10. Their parents had tried to come up with things for me to do while I was there because they thought I would be bored. But I took to those children immediately, and they took to me, even though I was a gray haired old codger. We played kick ball and board games, went for walks, I bought lemonade, saw a tennis lesson and painted a picture with one of them. One of them helped me make cookies. I admired the way the older ones looked after the younger ones, and all three of them looked after me while I was there. I'm sorry I lost contact with them. They are growing up now, the future of America.

At the supermarket the other day the checkout lady was very hassled because of a faulty credit card machine. When she finally got my purchases bagged she looked up with a smile. I said that I hoped she would have a relaxing evening. She said no because she had two boys at home one 11 and one 5. I asked if the older one took care of the younger one and she said yes they're good friends.

I was coming down the stairs into the library with my cane one step at a time. At the bottom was a very little girl who when she saw me stepped back to let me get down. There was room so I stopped and motioned to her and said "come on." She ran up the stairs and as she passed me she said in her tiny voice "thank you."

If that's the future of America we've got nothing to worry about.

On the other hand I was doing a play for school children in Maryland. It was a comedy and they loved it. There was a discussion afterwards and they were full of questions. When we were finished the Principal raged at us for making them communicate with each other and raged at them for communicating.

Standing in front of the supermarket one day I saw the students from the school across the street coming out to go on some field trip. They marched in double file and were not allowed to talk to each other. One teacher kept saying with a loud voice "We are not talking! We are not talking!"

Now they are warping the history books in some states. If this is American education then we all have a lot to worry about.

DB - The Vagabond


Osgood Pepper was a multimillionaire investor. He lived in a very large house surrounded by 70 acres or property, some of it gardens but most of it forest. He was 57 years old. His body was discovered at around 10:30 in the morning by the gardener Giovanni Schizzi. It was in the forest. Osgood's throat had been cut.

Giovanni Schizzi was an Italian immigrant who had been Osgood's gardener for about 20 years. He lived in a cabin on the property. He once spent a few hours showing Jane-Ellen Fremont around the place. He was unmarried. Upon discovering the body he went to the house to inform Agnes Pepper, Osgood's much younger wife. Blood was later discovered on Giovanni's boot.

Agnes Pepper married Osgood when she was just getting out of college and Osgood was in his 30's. It was the first and only marriage for each of them. But Agnes was having an extramarital affair. Osgood found out about it but never knew who it was and Agnes would never divulge her lover's name. Osgood was in the process of filing for divorce when he died.

Also in the house was Frances Pepper, Osgood's son. They had become estranged about 15 years ago when Osgood found out that Frances was gay. That resulted in Osgood cutting off all support for Frances who was now usually in desperate straights. Frances had come to plead with his father for reconciliation and financial help which was denied.

Two other visitors had been to the house the day before.

Boris Kleinack, Agnes's lawyer, who was there to help her defend herself against the divorce proceedings. The murder weapon was eventually discovered is Councilor Kleinack's car.

Jane-Ellen Freman was there to discuss property rights. It seems that while Osgood Pepper owned the house outright he only co-owned the property. The other owner, Ms. Freman, was the CEO of a syndicate that built very successful casinos and theme parks. She had stated her intention of taking half of the 70 acres and building another establishment on it. Osgood had sworn to defeat her by buying up the rest of the property just to put a stop to her plans.

It is known that Osgood Pepper made out an ironclad will 25 years ago and had not changed it.

The Coroner determined that death had occurred at approximately 7 p.m. the previous day.

Detective Bret Knudson investigated the murder, looked at all the evidence, interviewed all the witnesses and made an arrest.

Whom did he arrest and why?

The prosecuting attorney awaits your answer.

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Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I have found a lot of the next generation, in the 20-30 year old range, to have a lot to offer. I think there is still a lot of potential in our country.