Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Bunch Of Artists

Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold our world together.

President Woodrow Wilson
Yesterday I took two of my paintings and an easel down to the wharf in the Lions Club Park alongside the Delaware River. It was an exhibit of work by the artists organization that I belong to. We're known as the Artists of Bristol (AOB)

It was a beautiful day, hot, but with a good breeze coming off the river. The wind sometimes blew the pictures around but whoever was in proximity picked them up and restored them to their places.

It was a pleasure to be in the midst of that exhibit and part of it. One of my paintings was prominently displayed. There are very good artists in the group and manyfew of the pieces were quite excellent.

At one point there was a discussion among a few of us about an idea one member had proposed at our last meeting. The idea was that we should invite our works to be juried by other professionals. In our discussion yesterday it was agreed that it was an idea we didn't like. Not that we don't feel our work is worthy of being seen by any one but because it might cause division and jealousy in the group.

If someone wants to buy a painting and the artist who painted it doesn't happen to be around one of us will sell it for him. We are free to admire each other's work. We're friends. We're friends because we are artists. We may do work that is much different from each other but we all share the experience of being artists and that cements us together.

I didn't sell anything today. Maybe next time. But I am proud to be a member of the group.

DB - The Vagabond


Osgood Pepper was a multimillionaire investor. He lived in a very large house surrounded by 70 acres or property, some of it gardens but most of it forest. He was 57 years old. His body was discovered at around 10:30 in the morning by the gardener Giovanni Schizzi. It was in the forest. Osgood's throat had been cut.

Giovanni Schizzi was an Italian immigrant who had been Osgood's gardener for about 20 years. He lived in a cabin on the property. He once spent a few hours showing Jane-Ellen Fremont around the place. He was unmarried. Upon discovering the body he went to the house to inform Agnes Pepper, Osgood's much younger wife. Blood was later discovered on Giovanni's boot.

Agnes Pepper married Osgood when she was just getting out of college and Osgood was in his 30's. It was the first and only marriage for each of them. But Agnes was having an extramarital affair. Osgood found out about it but never knew who it was and Agnes would never divulge her lover's name. Osgood was in the process of filing for divorce when he died.

Also in the house was Frances Pepper, Osgood's son. They had become estranged about 15 years ago when Osgood found out that Frances was gay. That resulted in Osgood cutting off all support for Frances who was now usually in desperate straights. Frances had come to plead with his father for reconciliation and financial help which was denied.

Two other visitors had been to the house the day before.

Boris Kleinack, Agnes's lawyer, who was there to help her defend herself against the divorce proceedings. The murder weapon was eventually discovered is Councilor Kleinack's car.

Jane-Ellen Freman was there to discuss property rights. It seems that while Osgood Pepper owned the house outright he only co-owned the property. The other owner, Ms. Freman, was the CEO of a syndicate that built very successful casinos and theme parks. She had stated her intention of taking half of the 70 acres and building another establishment on it. Osgood had sworn to defeat her by buying up the rest of the property just to put a stop to her plans.

It is known that Osgood Pepper made out an ironclad will 25 years ago and had not changed it.

The Coroner determined that death had occurred at approximately 7 p.m. the previous day.

Detective Bret Knudson investigated the murder, looked at all the evidence, interviewed all the suspects and made an arrest.

Whom did he arrest and why?

The prosecuting attorney awaits your answer.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Sounds like a great outlet. Sorry you did not sell one today, but tis the summer season, you will soon.

Rose~* said...

Over here in Vancouver there is a large park called "Stanley Park", it sits in the middle of the city, and every summer there are all kinds of artists selling their wares on the week-ends. This story brought back memories. Thanks for sharing and hope you have better luck next time, selling your paintings.

Valerie said...

Good luck next time out, DB. Sounds like a great group to belong to. Val xox
P.S. I am reading your puzzle. Not sure of the answer yet. Hmm...

Rose said...

Sounds great!

You had a beautiful day and perhaps you will sell a painting next time.

Hugs, Rose