Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bravos And Bozos

Every calling is great when greatly pursued.

Oliver Wendell Holmes
"Oh, no. Not another actor story." Cool it! Don't rush for the exit.

I was riding on a bus in New York. There were two girls sitting behind me and as they were talking I overheard one of them say "Why should I go on a date with an actor no one has ever heard of?" I wanted to turn around and say "I'm an actor no one has ever heard of and there are thousands of us all over the world. If he's a good actor, conscientious and dedicated to his craft he's probably a fine man and you should give him a chance." Of course, I didn't. It was none of my business.

I took a flight from Boston to Portland, Maine one winter day. It was a tiny 6 seater commercial plane from a small New England airline. When we took off the sky was very gray and threatening. Soon after it began to snow heavily. In the winter New England weather can be fierce. I was next to a window, of course, but I couldn't see anything out of it except gray, I was in the front and there was only an open curtain between me and the cockpit. I could see the pilot and the front window which was iced up. The trip took about 30 minutes. We started to descend. I still could see nothing out the window until suddenly I saw the runway no more than 50 feet below us and probably less. The pilot set the plane down as gently as if he was putting a baby to sleep in its bed.

One day I watched a man single handedly pitch a tent that covered about a 25 foot square area. If you think there is nothing to pitching a tent, think again. It took him about an hour. It was up for a long Autumn weekend and the wind never blew it over.

I have had the benefit of watching masters at work, master artists, master engineers, master technicians. I learned that whatever it was my duty to do, mopping floors, proofreading documents or performing on the stage, it deserved my complete attention and best efforts.

It's easy to tell the difference. If you take your car in it's not hard to know if you are talking to a real mechanic who knows his business or a bozo. It's the same if you call your computer company or your ISP. There are a few who understand how things work and can solve your problem. A few. But there are a lot of bozos. No doubt there are a lot of bozos working for BP. but there are also intelligent, knowledgeable, dedicated engineers who will get the problem solved eventually.

"What does he do for a living?" "He lives." I could have said that proofreading was not really my calling, I'm really an actor. But as long as the legal document was in front of me and a play script wasn't, to get that document right was my calling. Or to quote that eminent philosopher and wise old sage, me, "What's the next step in life? It's the one right in front of you."

DB - The Vagabond
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DB - The Vagabond


pacifica62 said...

db you must be one in a million. Can you imagine how fabulous this world would be if everyone went about their job or duty with zeal and conviction and gave it their complete attention and best efforts? Those people make such a difference in my day if I am fortunate enough to come across one. Unfortunately my world is getting over run with bozos. I hear there is a brand new batch of graduates from clown school waiting to find their place in the world. If the next step in life is the one right in front of me I had better mosey along before they catch up to me.

Bonnie Bonsai said...

And sadly, as to pacifica's words "how fabulous this world would be if everyone went about their job or duty with zeal and conviction and gave it their complete attention and best efforts" - sadly, this is a kind of a man that is least given an accolade in the world. And that is baffling. (But they can give high notes to high profile criminals? I wonder).

That is the type of a person, a worker that is less appreciated in a workforce full of "bozos". Money is their only desires not the the job they are doing.

However, when I worked as a "cleaner" (I have a degree that is also sadly unwanted in this adapted country of mine whose some people did not give me a go for their own reasons) I found out that menial the job title may sound, I found out that "money" is very good in this calling if only people knew. It does sure fill the sack and few become millionaires and live in posh suburbs for being a "Cleaner".

Cleaner maybe I was, but I took pride with my achievements at work for people saw the genuine spirit being put forth on that job and somehow gained respect and appreciation. It helped boost my confidence. Nobody seemed to look down on people like us but who knows?

Really, like DB said, people should give a chance to everyone be they actors or something else whose heart desires to be given dignity and respect under the place in the sun.

It's another write to ponder ...Thank you DB.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Such men are diamonds in the rough.

Janice said...

I haven't been here in a while but I enjoyed it as much as ever. While I was reading about the Spring question, a commercial came on...two men looking at a computer, one said "they call it e lectronic mail" and the other man said "ooooohhhhh" very excited. I think that's probably it. I like your new picture, it's very interesting and looks like someone I'd like to be friends with.

Liz said...

In my practice never asked anyone to do anything that I was not prepared to do myself.
I mopped the floors but I also performed the most intricate surgery on the animals under my care.
I knew I was nothing special.
What was special was the atmosphere that my clinic produced as every employee tried their very best for every animal that needed help.