Sunday, August 8, 2010

Stop The Presses

The more you do, the more you'll do.

Oy, am I tired. I spent the day exchanging printers. I haven't had a printer that worked for over a year. There have been so many printers through this place I can't remember the number. The latest new printer was not compatible with the new computer so I had to buy a newer new one. Friday was "uninstallation" day. There ought to be a better word for that. How about "outstallation"? Why not? People say "outro" as opposed to "intro."

Yesterday was INstallation day. That meant unplugging the old printer and taking it to the basement. Getting the new one out of the box and making sure all the parts were there. Holding the big heavy thing in my lap while I squinted through a magnifying glass with a flashlight trying to read the tiny numbers from the bottom and write them down so I wouldn't have to do it later with a phone in my hand. I also crawled around and made certain of the computer numbers.

As I opened the package with the instructions I was thinking about the remark I heard recently of the typical man who thinks he can put together the barbecue without reading the instructions. I guess I am not the typical man. I read the instructions and they made no sense whatever.

So I called HP. Naturally I got a chap with a difficult accent, but he was patient with me and I with him. Together we got the hardware up and running. First the cartridges wouldn't go in, then they did. Then it wouldn't take the paper, then it did. Then it wouldn't print, then it did.

At last we got to the software part. That meant more crawling around on the floor plugging, unplugging and replugging. Getting down and crawling is hard if you're 71, but getting back up is even harder. It's very undignified. He had to run me through all the steps because, for some reason, he couldn't get control of my computer. That took hours. At one point my phone fell apart. The battery fell out onto the floor. I thought I would have to call back and start all over with someone else but when I pressed to get the dial tone he was still there. Don't ask. Now I'm laughing.

I clicked all the OKs, NEXTs, AGREEs, ACCEPTs, and CONTINUEs and finally got to the one that said FINISH. I then printed one of my pages just to make sure and out it came fast and neat. I've written two novels and a bunch of stories and for the past year or so I've been unable to print any of them. That's what this is all about.

Now I'm very tired and very sore, and I'm looking forward to a Sunday of no heavy lifting and no crawling around on the floor like a mad man and that's that. Who knows, I may even do some printing.

DB - The Vagabond

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Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad you got the printer working. Anything worthwhile takes effort :o)

Big Mark 243 said...

I would have never thought you were a septugenarian. I always pictured you in the early to mid 60's.

At 42, I get worn out doing all that moving, stooping and bending! So you definitely aren't alone there!!

Valerie said...

I am so glad you can print out your novels and stories now. You will have such peace of mind. Now if I can just get my camera and software to work. Gosh, you inspired me. Happy day to you, Val xox

Arlene (AJ) said...

Easy the thrill of having to deal with the computer and printer and all the aches and pains before you get it up and running a pain in the you know what.....but, then what can you say when we've all become addictive to this modern tech. Hope you have plenty of bengay on hand to ease the aches and pains.

Arlene (AJ) said...

Meant isn't not easy - definitely wasn't easy was it in my words to you.

Arlene (AJ) said...

Meant Isn't not easy in my words to you, the brain isn't functioning in this heat here in SC.

pacifica62 said...

I feel for you db. If there is anything that strikes fear into my heart it is having to do something with this computer. I am a technonitwit and not ashamed to admit it. I want to move to some planet where everything comes only in "simple" and "even a nitwit can do it" and I want the printing and numbers to be big enough that I can see them with my trifocals and not also have to use a flashlight and magnifying glass the size of the Hubble Telescope. You show great perserverance and determination but I would suspect that one reason for these could be that if you can't do it, then who is going to do it for you. Kudos on getting the job done.

DB said...

Thank you Pacifica. I think the term "technonitwit" perfectly describes it, and as one technonitwit to another I am grateful for your understanding and your comments.


Anonymous said...

I've had the "get something to work" tiredness a few times too. Glad all is well now.

Rose~* said...

I agree with you about the task of installing and uninstalling printers. I had nothing but frustration with my laser one on one of the computers - I moved it to a different computer, and it worked like a charm (didn't even have to install the driver). Fussy things they are, for sure. I share your pain, lol.

Beth said...

Heehee, fun entry, Dana! Glad you got it to work, and even more glad that you were able to find the humor in a frustrating situation!