Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What The Mole Does

Spirit is an invisible force made visible in all life.

Maya Angelou
Never mind, I know what you're thinking, "Oh my, he's beating that old drum is he."
Angelou says it just about as well as anyone could. I sit here wondering if I can approach this topic with any newer, better words. Maybe, maybe not.

When I was young(er) I wondered what this word "spirit" meant. One person said it was energy. In fact a lot of people said that. Another person said to think of the spirit of a horse. Well if spirit is energy it certainly seems that the horse has more spirit than the mole. But maybe not. Maybe it's the same invisible spirit but the mole just expresses it differently.

"The hills are alive with the sound of music." When was the last time you heard the trees and flowers sing? When was the last time you saw a beautiful melody or smelled the aroma of poetry? The hills are alive not with music but with the SOUND of music. What's the difference? You won't know unless you listen.

Certainly it takes energy for the horse to gallop and the mole to dig, It also takes energy for the tree to grow and the flower to blossom. But it's not just energy. It's not energy from a bowl of cereal in the morning, running on a treadmill or burning fossil fuel, spirit is energy with a purpose.

I mean to say that it is spirit which causes the flower in the first place and that it is an expression of that spirit, an individual expression in growth and blossoms of intelligent spirit. You can dissect the flower and find no intelligence in the stems and blossoms just as you can dissect the human body and find no soul among the nerves, muscles, bones and blood. Man's spirituality doesn't live there.

What the idea of purposeful spirit does is join life and mind together in holy matrimony, or at least in mutual admiration. It is not in anything but it embraces everything. The universe is an expression of spirit; the galaxy, the space ship, the harp, the mountain, the tree, the song, the flower the horse, the poem, the mole, "made visible in all life."

When we see, hear, feel and enjoy all the things of life and mind that surround us we are witnessing the invisible spirit becoming visible. And that's the true mystery of life.

DB - The Vagabond
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Valerie said...

This is a fascinating subject. Spirit to me is anything that gives something "life" or "breath", I would suppose. I believe all living beings have a spirit. I think God's spirit is also shown all around us. That is why life is so magnificent. When we use our spirit, life can be so colorful, grand, and meaningful. This could be discussed forever. Loved this! Val xox

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I think spirit is more than just energy with purpose. There is a lot of negative energy with purpose out there right now, and I would not consider that spirit. I think spirit needs to be focused on the positive.