Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend Puzzle Answers


Well, this was interesting.

I asked you (ordered you) to correct some bogus film titles. There 4 contestant, all from the Blogspot Tigers. Krissy is the winner because she came up with answers to all of them, although in some cases the answers were not what I was looking for but I include them even so. Val and Sue take honorable mentions because they got all but one.

1. Uprising by all the fruits and vegetables. Mutiny On The Bounty, Grapes of Wrath
2. Skipped town with the clarinet. Gone with the Wind
3. The lizard came out after dinner was over. Night f The Iguana, Creatures Of Darkness
4. The Raging Dozen 12 Angry Men
5. Don't be wary of a female novelist. Whose Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
6 Me and the chess piece. The King and I
7. The long distance runner. Marathon Man
8. Ain't living just grand? It's a Wonderful Life
9, Vocalizing with the tempest. Singin' in the Rain
10. There's a ghost backstage at the Met. Phantom of the Opera
11. After this we close down the theatre. The Last Picture Show, The Final Curtain
12. Youngsters in the Amazon Boys From Brazil, Children of the Forest

Thank you all

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