Saturday, November 13, 2010

Brainy Guys

I don't know all of the answers. But I know a lot of questions.

Dana Bate
I don't have to bury my ego far to enjoy the company of smart people. I appreciate those who are smarter than I am. A friend once said to me "Why do you insist on believing that everyone is as intelligent as you are?" The answer is because I want them to be. I'm comfortable when they are, but I especially enjoy benefiting from the company of those who's minds work better and faster than mine. How else can one learn to think like a pro without the example of seeing and hearing how it's done?

One of the things I learned from great thinkers is that they are not prejudiced against those who's minds are slower by comparison. It means they are not intimidated by lazy logic, retarded reasoning or an insufficient intellect.

I used to know a linguist and philosopher named John. He was such a thinker. I once presented him with the problem which is the Weekend Puzzle for today (see below). He solved it in less than a minute. Everyone around was stunned, except for his girl friend.

The thing abut John was his tireless curiosity. He focused all of his intense concentration on anything and everything that came to his notice. It didn't seem to matter to him if it was a complicated mathematical problem, a pot of stew, a political issue, a ball game or an ethical dilemma. Everything got his attention and analysis.

Also, he wasn't a stern, somber felloe but he laughed a lot and enjoyed life. He was not a man of opinions, as far as I know, but one of reason, a sense of humor and no preconceptions.

Such a man can be an inspiration to any age. He taught me not to make assumptions but to ask questions. He taught me to trust my intellect. He showed me that the answers are already there and just need to be discovered. And every time he discovered an answer he was eager to share it with people.

I don't know how smart I am in comparison with the rest of the world in spite of what my friend asked, but I know I am smarter as a resulting of knowing John.

DB - The Vagabond

A man goes out gambling one day. He goes to the first casino and pays $4 entrance fee. While there he doubles his money and pays $4 to leave.

He goes to a second casino which charges him $4 to enter. He doubles his money and then pays another $4 to get out.

At the third casino he pays the $4 to enter. While in there he doubles his money and again pays $4 to exit.

Feeling good he enters a fourth casino, pays the $4 entry fee and doubles his money. After he pays the $4 to leave that casino he has no money left. He's broke.

How much money did he have to begin with, before he entered the first casino?

(Keep in mind that John the philosopher, solved this in 30 seconds or so seconds. See how well you do.)

Good luck


pacifica62 said...

I love your response when you said "because I want them to be". You will certainly have a more fulfilling relationship or conversation that way. We are all smart in our own ways. Some are book smart, some are people smart, some are life experience smart. We can all learn a lot from each other if we bother to listen, ask the right questions and yes, not let our prejudices ruin good opportunties. One of the smartest people I know is what some might call "mentally chanllenged". He cannot quote philosophers, scientists or great theories, but if I want to know about life and his take on it, I need only open my ears to listen and learn.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit, only brainy guys get very far with me on the romantic have to be smart & funny or else...well, it's not working for me. ~Mary

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Everyone has areas that they are smart in, the key is to know when to speak up and when to listen.

Lori said...

I do like to be around smart people; they usually make me smarter. That is, as long as they aren't pompous about it! I grew up with a brainy sister, and I know that I benefited from her influence and her smarts!