Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend Puzzle Answer

Weekend Puzzle Answer

A man goes out gambling one day. He goes to the first casino and pays $4 entrance fee.. While there he doubles his money and pays $4 to leave.

He goes to a second casino which charges him $4 to enter. He doubles his money and then pays another $4 to get out.

At the third casino he pays the $4 to enter. While in there he doubles his money and again pays $4 to exit.

Feeling good he enters a fourth casino, pays the $4 entry fee and doubles his money. After he pays the $4 to leave that casino he has no money left. He's broke.

How much money did he have to begin with, before he entered the first casino?

And the answer is $11.25. There are two winners, Val and Lori, both fo the Blogspot Tigers. Here is Val's figuring.


1. 11.25... 7.25... 14.50... 10.50
2. 10.50... 6.50... 13.00... 9.00
3. 9.00... 5.00... 10.00... 6.00
4. 6.00... 2.00... 4.00.. 4.00

Nice going ladies. You both win the grand prize of a box of chalk and a blackboard.



Valerie said...

I'm collecting all of my prizes in a prize room. LOL

Lori said...