Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekend Puzzle Answer


There are four correct participants in this puzzle, and smart ones they are indeed.
First, Pacifica of the Email Lions.
Second, Sue of the Blogspot Tigers
Third, Val also of theTigers.
Fourth, Bruce of the Email Lions.

Here is Bruce's entry which explains it very well.

CLOSE PROXIMITY both mean being close
CRIMINAL INTENT this is legit
FALSE PRETENCE a pretence is already false
FREE GIFT a gift is allegedly free and without conditions
OPENING GAMBIT a gambit is already an opening (in chess)
PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA two words for a large musical ensemble
PIN NUMBER should be PI number
SPOTLESSLY CLEAN spotless already beyond clean
UNEXPECTED SURPRISE already unexpected
Other suggestion include: sherry wine, cash money, sudden impulse, join together. I could have added ATM machine, ABM missal, NATO organization or sum total..

Congratulations guys, you all win the grand prize of an ink pen.


1 comment:

Valerie said...

can I have the spring in the pen? LOL Fun one, Dana! xox