Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Good People

The bad learn from the good, not honoring their teachers.

I have been influenced over the years by many great writers, painters and composers, and I often mention their names. But there have been others, people I have known personally, who have inspired me, in one way or another, to seek and find the good in my career and my life. No doubt I have not honored them as much as I should have. Many of them are gone now and can't be contacted. But all can be honored here.

The people I need to thank for teaching me about good.

Marston Balch
Dick Barnet
Henry Bate
Linda Bate
Mr. Bush
(high school English teacher, I have ruefully forgotten his first name)
Erwin Canham
Tom Clancy
Gregory D'Alessio
Thomas Fogarty
Marshall Glazier
Frank Hansen
Roy Irving
Norman Mailer
Duncan Pirnie
Lawrence Sherman
Edward Thoman
Bill Watson
Earl Wild
Thank you folks, I honor you.

Dana Bate

(This is not a contest.)

At what event of the past do you wish you could be present? Why?

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Thank you.


Gerry said...

This is somehow a touching entry. We don't know those people but for you to thank them for their contribution to your life seems like something people ought to do toward the winding down of their lives. Otherwise there is unfinished business.

pacifica62 said...

Very thoughtful of you to honour those people db. Never too late to acknowledge those who have touched our lives in some way. I remember years ago writing notes to some of the teachers I had who had influenced me and I had such lovely repsonses from them. Very heartwarming. We should make it a point more often to identify and thank those who have, unbeknownst to them, added a special touch to our life.

Arlene (AJ) said...

A very touching entry DB. I wish I'd let all those you touch me with teaching and learning about life know that they were a part of my success and happiness. Those that are still with me, will be getting a note of thanks from me. Thanks DB for your words today.

Anonymous said...

Even the people who've taught me about bad have taught me about good...if you know what I mean.

Big Mark 243 said...

A very touching list. I am sure you have told some of those people how much they influenced your life. If not, I think that would be a nice thing to do.