Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wrong Be Gone

With the pride of the artist, you must blow against the walls of every power that exists the small trumpet of your defiance.

Norman Mailer
Hello Sandy
I think I've reached a fearful and dangerous point in my life where I can no longer bear complacency and acquiescence when it comes to things that are wrong and that are just loft alone to be wrong. Excuses are made, powers that have the right to cleanse and revive turn away, shoulders are shrugged and hands are raised like dolphins fins in an expression which says "What can you do?"

The opposite of good is not evil. The opposite of good is good-and-evil, the original trouble causing tree. It is that mixture of good and evil that produces a toxic cocktail which poisons the human race as it tries to survive.

At the risk of being an absolutist or an extremist, both of which I do my best to avoid, I am believing that the struggle for good, for the right, is now the most important one for me and for humanity in general. Intelligence is wasted justifying, excusing, rationalizing and not challenging the basic morality of every action and belief. As someone recently said the lesser of two evil is still evil. If a thing is wrong it's wrong and there is nothing right about it. If a thing is right it has no opposite. You can tell a thing is wrong by what it's results are. It may be pleasurable but if it eventually leads to corruption, degradation, illness, moral idiocy it's wrong, there is nothing good about it. If a thing is good it only has one result, more good.

If charity begins at home then so does righteousness. In a recent experience I saw wrong being done and justified, blandly excused, even to the point where the people who were doing it did it in such a way they convinced themselves they were doing good.

As a result of thinking abut that episode I now look more closely into my own thinking to find any place where I have woven cob webs or sent up clouds over some ethical choice that I may have on an extended leash, venturing itself into areas of my life where it doesn't stand up to scrutiny.

There's more good-and-evil in the world than I can ever stand up to and overturn. But I've grown out of gentleness putting up with the wrongs as they approach my waking steps. I worked at a camp that was unstructured. The children were all over the place and so were the counselors. The rule was a counselor was responsible for the safety of every child he could see.

Maybe I can't see, hear or feel every thought or intent of immorality as it occurs but I won't have the patience to let it pass. As an artist I owe that to myself.

DB - The Vagabond
Never give up.


Rubye Jack said...

This is an inspiring post and makes me want all the more to strive for good and examine my thinking and motives. Doing good is easy but not doing wrong can be hard.

Anonymous said...

At times I have found that some are clueless, not corrupt. I wish life's convictions could be more SNAP translatable.

Thank you for your kind email about my last entry. Much appreciated. ~Mary