Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's Time Again

Your past may be silently holding your future hostage.

Hello Sandy
I've been thinking and writing lately about the subject of time. Time, like the concepts of up and down, left and right is a strictly human measurement based on a limited sense of existence. In most of the universe there are no lefts and rights, up and downs. And when we talk about stars we talk about how many light years they are away from us, the distance light can travel in one year. And considering the speed of light, those distances are not only inconceivable to most people but it also means that the event we are seeing happened a long time ago. And there's that issue of time again.

What we are viewing is a stars past. Based on accumulated knowledge, an astronomer may be able to predict that stars future. But in fact he will only be predicting it's present, or its recent past. We won't know its future because we don't know its present.

Now what does that say about your life? When you look at it are you looking at your past because the present hasn't caught up with you yet and are you trying to predict your future from that past.? The past is a period of time, light years away from the now. It is useless information for predicting the future. It is best discarded or tucked away for safe keeping and ignored. It may have shaped you into what you are today, but it is a poor measurement for who you will become. That will happen because of who you are and what you do today. It's OK to have happy memories of the past as long as they are kept in their places, gathering dust. Who you are is who you are today and what you think of yourself today and what you think of yourself days, months and light years from now.

There is no time. We live at an instant. We always have and we always will.

DB - Vagabond Journeys
Never Give Up


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Arlene (AJ) said...

Personally I believe the past is what helps us get thru the present time....we are products of our upbringing and what we learned from our growing up days for the most part. Unfortunately not everyone was blessed with a good
young childhood, but hopefully they learned from it and went on to seek a calmer, more peaceful future that they could be proud of when they look back at what they were able to accomplish. I agree that we have to live in the present, but the past can determine how we allow ourselves to enjoy the present.

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