Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Seder

We build where monsters used to hide themselves.

Hello Stuart
I have been to a few Passover Seders. They are traditionally joyous events with good food, songs, games and some history lessons. You don't have to be Jewish. If you are invited to a Seder go and have a good time.

I knew a man years ago who was a full bred German. He had been conscripted into the German Army during World War Two. Even though he was a German soldier he had a lot of Jewish friends. He talked about the tension and fierceness of his life and how much he hated the Nazis. He was fortunate enough that he wasn't on the front lines or assigned to a prison camp or concentration camp. He feared constantly for the Jewish people he knew, some of whom did not make it through, and for his homeland in general..

He spoke of Hitler and the German government as being very intelligent, but brutal, sadistic and uncompromising. He said they were monsters. When the war ended and he could take off his uniform and go home he was greatly relieved.

But, he told me, there was still one more thing to do. All Jewish religious celebrations had been outlawed by the Nazi government. But with the Nazis defeated it was time to celebrate again. And when Passover came the first Seder since before the war was celebrated in Berlin. He was there, along with thousands of people, Jews and non Jews, to sing and laugh and enjoy freedom from the monsters.
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Recipe for Restored Friendship.

Risks tried.
Confessions made.
Wrongs forgiven.
Explanations offered.
Affections admitted.
Love allowed.


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krissy knox said...

this post speaks of such hope. it's so positive. good will go on. thanks once again for a fantastic post.