Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Some Tenets

Better to guard your inner virtue, nurture your vital essence, protect your spirit, treasure your breath, and avoid talking too much.

Ho-Shang Kung
Hello Margie
In other words keep your cards close to your chest,

Mr. Kung has some good advice here, a check list of tasks which if they don't make us happy at least help us from becoming miserable,

Where's your inner virtue? Do you remember where you put it? Did you stow it away in the bottom drawer of your bureau and forget about it. Well, if so it's in a good safe place, but maybe you should remove it, air it out and have another look to see if you are still living according to it's rules.

You know what your vital essence is and where you put it. It's what makes you who you are and who you are is important to the world so don't let that essence get to sagging and attract some weeds. Give it some sunshine and some TLC. The world needs it.

Why does your spirit need protecting? Because there is an army, disorganized but strong, out to maraud and plunder you out of all that keeps you looking up and forward and facing life with a gleam in your eye. So post a watchman on the tower, fill the moat and don't let enemy through the door.

To be able to walk and breathe is the purest metaphor for freedom. We breathe, that's inspiration. We take in air that's fresh, that's rejuvenation. We experience the aromas of nature and learn her invisible secrets. All things to treasure greatly.

And lastly "avoid talking too much."

I'll say no more.

DB - The Vagabond
Never give up.

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