Thursday, May 7, 2009

Grounding Grasp 5/07/09

First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.

Nothing is ordinary. Everything is strange. Every day, every hour there are shocks, surprises and delights. It's no use folding oneself up into a warm blanket of habit in life or in the mind. "Wake up" is the perpetual call of life. It pounds away outside your door and will keep knocking until you open up.

I have no use for habitual thinking, for old ideas and for the refusal to grasp the ever-evolving measures to find the never changing truth of existence and for those who deny the basic instinct to explore and learn, but replace it with some creed.

I will continue to write, even if, until or after I have no readers left, because it is in the process of writing that I uncover the strange things of knowledge, the extraordinary things. Every serious writer knows about that. Even as I sit here now my mind is at work searching for the pure and peaceful waters of enlightenment. The journey is more of an adventure than I would have imagined. Nothing is really what you think it is. It is only by uncovering the seeming that the reality appears.

I don't care if I offend the thinkers of old worn out ideas. One cannot achieve a grasp on the real by trying to please people. I wouldn't even try except that, since I started to investigate the real, the various voices in my head have begun to agree with each other and have been graciously inviting me to come out and climb the hills. If to follow means to leave people behind then that's what it means. Amen and amen.

I have more to write now than I have time or journal space to write it. I have gilded the philosophic pill and few have swallowed. I have kicked down rotten doors and walked through. Few have followed. I have left the security of the shore and taken the hard, dangerous sea route to new lands. Who is with me?

I hold on with as firm a grasp as possible to what I have learned as if it was Prospero's book and I will not drown it until the new shore is reached and the old prophets come out to greet me.

Let them ignore me, laugh at me, fight me. Right now, at this silver toned point in my life, it doesn't matter.

Hi, Come here often?


Joyce said...

It will take me a while to go back and read the entries I've missed here since my daughter got sick again. She is home from the hospital and the g/kids have gone home. I'm exhaused but relieved and will catch up soon. I found this entry rather sad DB. I get it, but it is sad.
Hugs, Joyce

Beth said...

You know I'm with you.

Linda's World said...

I'm here too. I'm usually reading your entries at the end of a long day & dog tired. So rarely have an intelligent comment. But I'm here none the less...Linda in rainy & windy Washington

Linda S. Socha said...

Hey DB
This one is thought provoking and has a rebellious spirit I like...but I confess I have always admired rebellious spirits:>)

Gerry said...

What I always want in a thinker is the ability to come back to basics. If I recognize the logic of what others are saying are they willing to recognize the logic of what I am saying, and if I am expected to comment, do they care enough to reciprocate. I always want to test someone's ability to engage in civil discussion, a two way street. I think where we get lost the fastest is in our relationships to others. which is why I love the play form. The characters have to engage, there has to be the drama of connection going on as well as inspired ideas, and so I am always questioning where is the drama here, how do you see yourself in relation to others? There is an endless fascinating interplay of characters, some bent on domination, some resisting, some punishing, some perceiving. I see you as still not having gotten to the play yet, there is dazzling talent, and I think that your experience as an actor is going to serve you well with the writing of the play, for even orators must have an audience in order to climb the heights of their visions. The listeners always remain important, because at any moment they might object, not follow, question, even throw a stone or a tomato. What will the orator do then? Oratory may be perceived as an attack and the orator must answer for his temerity, he must be able to reveal the play he has in mind, for we who love the play want the drama to unfold, we want to be sure the writer is aware of the roles all play. It takes nurturing to create characters. You have to love them all as though they were your own children, so they will develop, so they wont be just yes people there to stroke the ego, but are really recognizaale flesh and blood people with their own agendas. Actor turns playwright. That is certainly a feasible leap to me.

Indigo said...

You know I've always been in the line up right next to you. I've learned myself you can't please everyone, so why not at the very least attempt to please yourself. (Hugs)Indigo

Rose~* said...

Thinking about you, DB - currently my mind is off in "HockeyLand", at least for this month. Always love your wit and candor. ((HUGS))

Anne said...

"Who is with me?" I'm right behind you.....with the flashlight, fly swatter, whistle, and my purse. Anne