Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wise Wrestling 5/24/09

There are two ways of exerting one's strength, one is pushing down and the other is pulling up.

Booker T. Washington
Come on in. The joint is jumpin'
This is how it goes. You aim your arrow carefully at your target and hit the bulls eye. At the same time the world sets up a different target next to it and tells you that you missed it.

I have occasionally had the misfortune of doing a play under a director who didn't understand it. The director would struggle to produce an effect that was contrary to the author's intention, and then blame the actors because we couldn't effectively manage it. Once the play was open nature took its course and the production gradually melded back into something closer to its proper shape.

It's very important in life to aim at the right target and not be distracted by emotions, opinions and popularity.

Even though I received some interesting comments, it seems clear that everybody missed the point of my last entry.

If civilization is to survive the puller ups have got to out number the pusher downs. Or, at least the number of up pulls must be greater than the number of down pushes. That requires discipline and conscientiousness. If anyone really cares about the future he has an obligation to find opportunities to pull up to the extent of his ability. To do evil is easy. Good doing requires effort. But the exertion is worth it. It keeps one in shape,

Look for angels.



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Big Mark 243 said...

To do evil is easy. Good doing requires effort. But the exertion is worth it. It keeps one in shape

That pretty much says it all.

Gerry said...

I was thinking about this in some form yesterday concluding that if those who get opportunity don't pass opportunity on, others will languish, unable to express themselves. My experience has been in theater when artistic directors might give opportunity to do new plays in their theaters, especially a state or regional theater that is helped by grants, etc. and might be expected more than others to provide hope to the many rather than just feathering the nests of the few. The director of the Arizona state regional theater here dropped the new play competition that had been implemented by the previous one, and gave an out of state playwright friend of his all the opportunities to do new plays each year or so. The friend fared very well and probably loved his pal, but did Arizona and the wannabe local playwrights benefit? Such directors, in my exerience, get very angry if you suggest they have not risen to the challenges of their job because it is so easy to evade them and tell crtitics they don't know anything about theater and the difficulties of doing new plays.

Rose~* said...

It's always harder to be good. That's why so many go bad - they take the easy way out.