Friday, May 22, 2009

Universal Utterances 5/22/09

What art offers is space - a certain breathing room for the spirit.

John Updike
Hello from here.
Does life mirror art, or does art mirror life? I forgot which it is, but I think it's probably both. I've been watching with great interest the repair of the Hubble telescope as shown on NASA TV. I've listened to what the various scientists and astronauts have said about the mission, and I'm now trying to process through my own mind what it means, I'm sure I won't be able to describe the great extent of meaning it has in one journal entry, so I will probably be returning to the topic from time to time, ad tedium.

The astronauts installed some new pieces of equipment and replaced some old ones, all to allow Hubble to see farther and more clearly. Each one of those items was designed and built by scientists and technicians on the earth.

It's true that Hubble looks into space, but it isn't space that interests us. It is the various objects in space, the stars, planets, moons, and other items that define themselves and hence help to define space.

Certain ideas present themselves. As the astronauts looked back to the earth it was obvious that the earth was one of those objects in space and that we live on one dot in the vast, uncountable trillions of dots that define space. And one of the possibilities Hubble may discover for us is if there is intelligent life out there somewhere on another planet. It is most likely that there is and if so no doubt there is more than one. That is a subject for a different journal entry.

The Hubble is a window on to the great scene, the starscape that we live in and thus also a window on to life. But it is also a mirror because as we look out at the vastness of which we are a part it defines our life as well.

Each of those systems designed and built by those here on earth to be a part of Hubble were items that defined life and the space around it. And each one has a function that is specific to the defining of life. They have there reality in their function.

A great painting or sculpture is a mirror of human life in the space that surrounds it. It sends back to us pictures about ourselves. It is also a window into the vastness of the imagination and mentality of human life. Each work of art has its specific function and defines itself as it defines the mental, spiritual space around it. Because of art we can grasp the knowable in the vast sea of the invisible and live comfortably within it.

(To be continued, someday)
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Big Mark 243 said...

A great painting or sculpture is a mirror of human life in the space that surrounds it. It sends back to us pictures about ourselves. It is also a window into the vastness of the imagination and mentality of human life.

I thought that was on point.

Every now and then I catch the repair job when I am crusing the tele ... sometimes, something in my imagination is stirred, and I wonder what it is they are feeling, out there in the nothing, you know?

Same reason I would want to scale a mountain ... to be up and away from what I think of as 'reality', to be a part of a new reality defined on its own terms.

Indigo said...

I love that thought, that art is the breathing room for the spirit. I think the art we appreciates mimics our lifestyle and choices. We appreciate it for the things that appeal to our likes and wants. (Hugs)Indigo

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Art is a way of searching and exploring within, science and technology searching and exploring the fringes.

Beth said...

I think science has its own beauty, as well, or we can see the beauty in what the Hubble shows us. You can't look at those photos without saying, "Wow, that's beautiful!" Hugs, Beth

Gerry said...

It is hard to describe the layers of awareness exhibited in a work of art, whether it is in a painting, a play, a novel, or symphony. Appreciating a work of art is a journey into realms sometimes hard for the ordinary or uninitiated to traverse, but well worth the awe inspiring effort. I don't think anyone has watched the Hubble repairs without a sense of wonder. Thus the scientist too confounds and generates awe with what he has come to understand. Yet all can share in this wonder just by taking the time to view. As taking the time to read something rewards. How many times I have been rewarding by venturing into a book! Countless. Which is one reason I decided to become a writer, to give back, or to continue the gifts to people such as I who was so isolated I could not have survived without books. Gerry

Dannelle said...

point on-
artistically put and
perceived as such (I do agree)

but have you ever
typed in your address
on a google map?

The film industry does not lie
to us in movies
the great "they" see anywhere

not a conspiracy theorist just musing