Monday, May 18, 2009

Quality Quest 5/18/09

The man who really knows is the man who is always willing to learn.

DB - The Vagabond
Hello, whoever you are.

No man is more certain of his knowledge and wisdom than an ignorant man. I've known many. In fact, I used to be one myself. No, don't laugh. I was. I was a first rate, award winning, loud mouth dope. Thank goodness those days are over (now you can laugh). Now, of course, I know everything. At least I thought I did until I read a few items in today's paper.

There's a big difference between ignorance and stupidity, Ignorance is a condition that's curable, like youth. Stupidity is forever. I think ignorance comes about because people are afraid of change and challenge, or else they are too old and tired to face them and just want to dig their heels into the ground they know about. What a shame.

A friend's daughter, a school girl, was keeping a journal. She entitled it "Things I learned today." I thought it was a good idea, so I started to keep one of my own. But I divided the entries up into three columns: things I learned today, things I knew but forgot about, and, things I already know. I finally had to give it up because the columns were getting filled up quickly. But it did develop one valuable habit, the habit of seeking out new information, noticing it when it came upon me and comparing it with what I already knew or thought I knew about the topic.

Intellectual curiosity is an exercise that doesn't wear one out much, doesn't require a lot of equipment and isn't likely to cause any bodily harm. Why do people shun it as if it was going to send them up river to the funny farm. "All that reading of books isn't good for the mind."

Some of the women bloggers that I read can talk about what is growing, now that spring is here, outside their houses and in their gardens and I enjoy reading about them even though I don't know one flower from another. I never had the ability or interest to find out. I never lived anywhere where there was an active garden. About flowers I'm ignorant, I admit it (I can't even make a cactus grow), but I admire the people who know about plants and flowers and can write about them in their journals. So keep growing them girls, and keep telling me about it.

In fact, I admire anyone who knows a lot about something that I know little or nothing about, especially when they share their knowledge with me. It means there is always something for me to learn.

I like to have an open, enquiring mind. There are still a lot of mysteries to look into. I finished writing my novel "Brian and Christine" and posted the last entry, yesterday afternoon. Then I took a nap. When I awoke the first thing I said to myself was "Okay, what's next?"

Have a good, happy laugh today.


Gerry said...

I felt curious enough to want to read "Brian and Christine," now. But as usual I find this entry in Vagabond Journeys to be thought provoking and therefore valuable as well as very well said. Gerry

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Good question, what is next DB???

Beth said...

What's the old shtick...?

"You're stupid."
"Oh yeah? Well, you're drunk."
"Perhaps...but I'll be sober tomorrow."

I took a high school Geology quiz this evening. I remembered more than I thought I would. I love doing stuff like that, and it's fun to learn! Hugs, Beth

Linda S. Socha said...

What ever is next on you blog...I have found it is likely to be interesting

Anne said...

You are so spot on! I have learned so much from the journals I read. Ordinary people live extrodinary lives. It's all about the journey! Love you D.B. Anne