Saturday, May 9, 2009

Inspiring Introductions 5/09/09

There are so many dawns that have not begun to shine.

Indian proverb
Hello again.
The first spot in the United States to get the sunlight is the summit of Mount Katahdin in Maine. I know people who have hiked up there, spent the night on the summit and been the first people in the country to see the sunrise.

Imagine standing there as the sun slowly gleams its way up out of the Atlantic Ocean to touch your face knowing that all the rest of the country is still in the dark.

Or imagine being a mariner aloft in the summit of your ship, the crows nest, past all known waters of that same Atlantic, peering through a telescope and seeing land. Land where no one knows there is land.

Or imagine being an early man trudging alone through an unknown stretch of desert, coming to a cliff edge and peering down into the vast space of the Grand Canyon.

Or imagine being Neil Armstrong making his one small step and peering around onto a totally alien place that humanity has only dreamed of..

Or imagine the philosopher who peering down into the barbaric threats upon human survival from the chaos of ungoverned tribes saw the sunlight of democracy.

Or imagine the first person to discover farming, trade, community, therapeutics. economics, printing, masonry, harmonics, mining, subconsciousness, the list goes on.

We have all been on those summits. In our own ways, large and small, discoveries have been made as life presents it's problems, adventures, trials and triumphs. The great realization is that things will not always be the same and with each new discovery the world changes and with each personal dawn of light our lives will change. The great joy is the process of leaving the darkness behind and readjusting our lives to fit the new day.

There are still discoveries to be made, great and small, in everyone's life.
"Here comes the sun."

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Linda's World said...

It would be quite an experience to be on that Maine mountain to see the first hints of sunrise. I've seen it drop into the Pacific Ocean many, many times and that too is an awesome sight. It's amazing how different parts of the country experience the light & darkness. Even here on the west coast~it's lighter longer in the evening than it is in Los Angeles. If you look at a U.S. map, you can see why. Have a wonderful weekend. I mailed you another card yesterday...linda

Anonymous said...

Imagine at the second of sunset seeing the green glowing light.

Beth said...

It's also important to never grow tired of seeing such things. "If you've seen one sunrise, you've seen 'em all." Hardly!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Every new day is an adventure waiting to be had :o)