Saturday, May 16, 2009

Optimum Outreach 5/16/09

You should never give up on anybody.

David Ortiz
Smile, you're on Candid Camera.
One of my Vagabondisms reads "Don’t give up on people – every road goes somewhere."

Yesterday I had one of those days you never want to have. It started out bad, got worse and ended up drowned in beer. After struggling all morning to install some statistical sites on my journal page, I was dismayed to find I had a lot fewer readers to it than I thought I did. I wanted to toss the whole thing in my local Dumpster as a wasteful, useless example of futility. Hence, you didn't get one of my verbose entries, my meager attempts at purple prose and pink poesy, my staggering, trembling observations about life. I was FED UP with life.

But when I woke up this morning, too early, hungry, hung over and with a bewildering headache, I managed to make myself a cup of coffee and to think about things,

The first step in my reasoning was that I write because I want to. There is almost nothing obligatory about it. I enjoy it and therefore should continue, no matter what. Secondly I do have a few people who enjoy reading my journal and if I can easily stuff them all into the back of a Chevy pick-up, so what? And why should I give up on one neighbor just because the neighborhood is alien, As my quote says, I don't believe in giving up on people. Some good friendships and interesting discussions have come from folks reading and responding to what I write and from my reading and responding to what they write.

But the most surprising and significant arrival of thought into my hung over head was that if I closed the cover on my journal and tossed it on a bottom shelf to gather dust, I would be giving up on myself. (It takes a genius like me to figure that one out.)

One thing a vagabond knows is that the journey continues. There are still adventures to be had, problems to be solved, mysteries to be unraveled, landscapes to be investigated, bridges to be crossed, a magic lamp to be rubbed, a conduit of truth to be opened and a higher self to be discovered, in everyone's life. In my life they appear out of the fog as I write.

There's no point in giving up on myself, or anyone else, because the roads keep going somewhere. One destination leads to another.

DB - Vagabond Journeys
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What was the most significant event in your life last year?

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Beth said...

[grinning] I figured you'd find your way to this point. Sometimes encouragement and support only goes so far, and we have to let the person find their own way. I knew you would. [still grinning] Love, Beth

Gerry said...

I think you had a moment when giving up on writing a blog is most apt to happen. I do think we have been programmed all our lives to have unrealistic expectations by how the very few are sometimes elevated far above the many many. But so many factors play into developing ourselves as writers because we like to do it, and we have a talent for it. Sometimes nobody is reading, but that doesn't mean something good is not happening, something necessary in development. Practice makes us better writers, that is all there is to it. I think one of the hardest lessons to learn is reciprocation. That is giving others the same kind of attention that is desired. Oh, I could go on and on as this topic evokes so many thoughts that I have had on the subject as I struggled with my blog for 3 years. I have got a big chunk of my memoirs in there, poems, photos, ideas, opinions. A blog is such a good place to display all those things, so it becomes like living in a town where you might not get even one visitor some days. But I know I have learned to be a good friend to bloggers I have learned to read on a regular basis. A few who can count on me, not many because I can't keep up with my family site, my reading, and whatever else if I try to be a blogger pal to too many. I am still trying to define what a blog can be, but I know it is important because I look forward to reading entries like yours this morning which rang bells all over the place, and I look forward to writing them! Gerry

Ally Lifewithally said...

Glad you have decided not to give up ~ as you say you write your blog for yourself and we don't want you giving up on yourself :o) ~ I always enjoy reading ~ Ally x

Alice said...

GOOD! Even if only one person reads I think it's worth it. I don't get to read here everyday but I pretty well know that when I do, you have something worth reading whatever you say. :)

Arlene (AJ) said...

Sorry I've not been touching base this past week, we were away. As usual when reading your previous blogs you write with such input that makes us all stop and think and glad that we read your site. Okay, you had a bad day yesterday, we all do now and then, but the options are to give up (not good) or keep striving (very good way to go). Remember when you blog it's your way of getting things off your shoulders or remembering wonderful or even trying times in life and you do it for yourself. But, also in blogging you touch many hearts who stop and analyze their moments in life and give us the opportunity to also keep reching for tomorrow. Thank you DB.

Arlene (AJ) said...

Make that reaching not reching for tomorrow, lol.

Just Bill said...

D, I am still reaading both journals faifthfully. I know I rarely comment. Bt I am sure you understand how a reitred person has such busy days we don't get everything accomplished we want to do.
Think of you often and wonder how you are doing. Have you walked along the river lately,
Have a nice Sunday, Bill

Just rean the other comments. Seems a lot of people think you are a special person and enjoy your writings.

Just Bill said...

D, sorry about the typos. My keyboard is acting up and I did not use a spell check on my comment. May also be feeling the effect 0of the double cocktail I just had. Bill

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I think 73 followers is pretty darn good :o)

Glad you are not giving up, but then, I did not think that would be the type of thing you would do, at least at least not without a fight.