Friday, February 25, 2011


Few will have the greatness to bend history itself, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events.

Robert Kennedy
Every day in my mailbox are appeals for money from one organization or another that is trying to do some good in the world. I feel stressed and a bit ashamed that I can't help where I know it is important. That, after I am fed and housed, I have no money left at the end of the month, due partly to my fiscal clumsiness, frustrates me. Then I think if I could afford a pittance what good would it do when so many thousands are needed to be effective, to save lives, to feed the hungry, to protect the innocent. It seems like an insurmountable problem for those who are in the battle lines against all that is wrong with the world and our society. I think of how despairing it must be for those who are in dire need to have nothing because of the silence of those who don't care. I fear to be counted among those who don't care because I can't afford 10 bucks. Does it mean that one kid in the village is not to be given a bowl of beans tonight?

The truth is we cannot measure the effect of any small act we are capable of in the overall cosmic scheme of things. I save every scrap of "junk" mail that comes to me for the day when my stupid debts are paid, the debts most of which are connived up by the greedy banks who may give money to "charity" but who can afford to give much more than they do. And when the debts are paid I hope I will be responsible for a lot more than a bowl of beans.


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pacifica62 said...

One need not look far away over land and seas to find individuals or organizations that are in need of charity dollars. Everyone has their hands in your pocket these days, or would like to have. I agree, for some of us it is difficult enough to meet the basic necessities of life and we have none left over for philanthropic endeavors, However, charity begins at home. It does not mean just contributing dollars and cents. Local organizations and groups are always in need of volunteers. It is an act of charity to give of one's time and spirit to help those who need it.

bakelite buffoon said...

It's funny that I was just thinking the same thing this morning as I pondered whether to give $5.00 to Dick Dirkin's request to raise money for democratic candidates who will be campaigning against the greed that seems to have become inescapable in this country. I will sign petitions when I believe a cause is right and occasionally I give to my favorite charity, the local City Mission. But as you suggest, it's hard to give when you have little yourself. Well, don't forget that you are giving each time you right your blog and that I, along with countless others have been comforted and enlightened by your words and there is much to be said for this. Creating good karma is giving.

Arlene (AJ) said...

Bakelite buffoon response to your blog words said it all about what you contribute to those of us who read your words, dear.

Those who are able to give, find themselves then almost weekly receiving another request from the same organization they gave too requesting another donation. I have found that for us their are certain organizations that have personally touched our heart and we give to them, We then prefer to give to our local organizations in our area be it money, time, food, etc. versus just dropping a donation in the mail and not truly knowing where it ends up.

Rose said...

I hear you loud and clear. I, too cannot afford to contribute to the needy as I consider myself in the "Needy" situation myself.

It is hard getting by these days and I've given a few dollars when I could or donated clothes that no longer fit me to the needy and that is the best I can do for now.

Nothing to be ashamed of. We have to take care of ourselves. And, it is true, you give once and they continue to call and call over and over.

Hugs, Rose

Lisa said...

Don't despair, at least you acknowledge those who are in need which is more than some do. You have to take care of you first & foremost and never feel bad about that.