Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend Contest Answer

Weekend Puzzle Answer

Let's play ball.
base ball
foot "
------- "
and so on.

Starting at the top how many balls can you add. The person with the most number wins the nifty prize.

And the winner is Pacifica of the email lions. You may question some answers but there are twice as many as any other contestant.

Baseball, football, dodge ball, debutante ball, tennis ball, golf ball, bowling ball, moth balls, soccer ball, basketball, bocce ball, carpet ball, croquet ball, foos ball, hand ball, net ball, volleyball, stick ball, lacrosse ball, curve ball, disco ball, crystal ball, exercise ball, medicine ball, raquet ball, stress ball, beach ball, rubber ball, billiard ball, rice balls, meat balls, juggling balls, bounce balls, suction ball, squeeze balls, hedge ball, rugby ball, tether ball, ping pong ball, yoga ball, eight ball, baoding balls, foul ball, sushi balls, eye ball, steel balls, blue balls, wiffle ball, snow ball, odd ball.

Congratulations Pacifica you win the genuine autographed snow ball.


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Valerie said...

Congrats, Pacifica!