Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekend Puzzle Answers

Weekend puzzle: STEW

There were no winners today. Pacifica came close by answering all but 2 of them, so an honorable mention goes out. But the grand prize of a genuine crazy quilt ladle will have to wait for another time.

If you can see how the clues translated into answers you will be ready to jump in the next time I do a puzzle like this.

change Internet provider (6) turnip
switch from off to particle (5) onion
Calloway born old (7) cabbage
auto rust (6) carrot
pan to the office (6) potato
crush a hotel unit (8) mushroom
vigor for each (6) pepper
sounds like a basement type thing (6) celery
worn around the neck down south (8) collards
southern California jungle beast (8) scallion
answer to exist (5) beans
drink to the king (4) kale
beer joint to the French, yes (6) barley
bad humor afoot (4) corn

Better luck next time.

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