Monday, February 14, 2011

New Lives

To be alone is to be different, to be different is to be alone.

Suzanne Gordon.
He lives in a cabin on the mountain side, he has a basement apartment in the village. He owns the mobile home parked behind the boarding house. There is a bench in the park where he sometimes sits when the weather is good. His office is down a long hallway in midtown. His small boat is moored off the coast. Very few people know his name. I have been searching for him.. He's a vigilante.

Time and calendars stopped the day he was born. He was 36 years old the day he was born. It takes courage to row to his solitary island where he meets with line, tone and word. I think I understand him, but not yet.

There is no more excuse, justification, illusion, fear. Human evolution is no longer responsible for action, inaction or inanity. He is of the society of the different, and he is given the task of holding the light that separates the future from the present. There is no passing that light even if he wished to. He is of the society of the alone, and thus he is ignored.

He circles the landscape and walks the streets. In his hands he carries the new born child who will become man as man has never been; was never known by those who pass him as he silently touches their lives. The ideal man who will not be known by those of us who measure goodness and rightness by our limited lives. The child/man of ideals can point the way to the present but cannot take us there. I live with them in the past and yet I think I understand him, but not yet.

All that we call, have called, will call human nature was only temporary. The call from the child of ideals is for dropping off that illusion and forming a new society, a different society, a society of the different. We can't escape it. All that we hold most dangerous, the divine, the spiritual, the cosmic, the regenerative, the selfless, the deathless, the virtuous, the kind, the merciful, the peaceful, the true are now hidden in the ideal and held silently in his hands. The ideal man/child is waiting to grow.

When will he be accepted? There is no when. Time has stopped, calendars have stopped. They were only illusions. It is possible, it is inevitable that the human will grow, has grown. And with that growth the fear of the possable will destroy itself, along with justification, excuse and limited lives.
No one should be left behind. Not even me.

DB - The Vagabond

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Jon said...

I think I know him.......
(beautifully written!!)

Arlene (AJ) said...

A touching read. Happy Valentine's Day to you DB.