Friday, January 16, 2009

First Focus 1/16/09

I'm just looking to get through the day.

Peter Falk
Double Greetings.
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New York City is a theatre town. Los Angeles is a movie and TV town. Many actors who work in film and television will tell you that they really miss working on the stage. In fact some of them will even take time out from a busy and lucrative career in front of a camera just for the joy of working in front of a live audience.

I was astonished one day while appearing on a soap opera. I worked with three regular actors who played every day and made a lot of money. I was there for only a few days and made a lot less. After my last day of work they invited me to join them at the bar. I thanked them but said that I couldn't because I was in rehearsal for a workshop production (no pay). They looked at me with envy and one of them said "You're in a play??!!"

The rule in New York is that you don't bother famous people that you happen to run into somewhere unless they invite you into their lives.

Peter Falk was in my drawing class at the Art Students League. He was an intense, serious artist, a nice man, but he didn't talk much. The one time he opened up and chatted was when someone asked him about the play he was doing Off-Broadway.

Even though I never got rich, I'm thankful that I spent most of my career on the stage.

May you have blessings with left overs.

This is not a contest.

What one person, living or not, would you most like to have dinner with?
What is the first question you would ask them?

You have the winter to answer. Please leave your response on my email or journal with your name, or journal title or email address. Thank you.

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a corgi said...

I like that rule about not bothering famous people unless they invite you in; they should be allowed their privacy; the papparazi need to get that through their thick heads


Linda's World said...

I always like Peter Falk (aka Lt Columbo). He's appeared in many movies and he always does such a wonderful job in all his roles. I think he's motto is my new one. "I'm just looking to get through the day" here in Washington, Linda

Joann said...

OK, I was just going to leave a comment on my answer to your Winter Quiz, but it got too long with no end in sight, so I'm going to do an entry in my blog, K?

Joann said...

OH wait.. you said to e-mail you with my quiz answer.... am I thinking about this WAY too much??

Trees said...

Peter Falk is one of my favorite actos. I like the rule about being invited. I watch several soaps, and in the past have watched others over the years, you have always looked very familiar to me. I am really happy, that I found your journal through Linda in Washington. The winter quiz I will answer on my blog, as thinking about it may require more space.

Indigo said...

At this time in my life, I've come to understand grandiose is not splendor. Splendor is to be found in the smaller, easily missed things in life.

I think I would of preferred the stage as well, to see people react to the words being spoken. (Hugs)Indigo

salemslot9 said...

what soap opera were you on?

I'd choose to share a meal with John Lennon
I'd ask him where in New York City should we go to eat
he loved it there
he said that people didn't bother him there

would you be free, DB
to share a meal with me?

salemslot9 said...

good for you
winning the weekly sentence

Beth said...

It's been obvious ever since we became friends that your first love in acting is theater. I'm glad, too, that that was the focus of your acting career, because I can tell that it has brought you much joy...and us, too, because you are sharing your stories with us!

Love, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

From any reading I have done, true actors/actresses always mention, and/or return, to live theatre, because it is so much more rewarding than television or movies. So how fortunate you were to spend so much time in the theatre :o)

Anonymous said...

How about when those same famous people go over to very young women and say: DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? I've seen that in NY...made me laugh.

I've noticed how many people with "fame" still hunger for to the stage. That can be courting disaster for the ones who aren't any good. I think it shows up so much more, the lack of talent, on the stage.

Sounds like you did what you loved and were good at it. That is a blessing.

Breezy said...

I think you were born to act. I can feel your passion for it and how much you miss it. I am thankful and honored you share so much of your personal life and thoughts with us. I for one love the quotes and analogies you use to share your experiences and lessons learned. I hope our thoughts and comments fill you as much as you fill us with ponderings, smiles and laughter.