Saturday, October 15, 2011


There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.

Elie Weisel
Hello Sandy
"Let 'em say what it is they want." "Let 'em run for Congress." "Let 'em eat cake."

Why does it take 100,000 people to wake up one politician?
--Say, Boss, there's a bunch of protestors in the park. About half a dozen.
--Oh yeah. What do they want?
--I don't know. I saw one sign. Something about Wall Street.
--Well, if they're not gone by 5 have them arrested.
--Right Boss.
--Boss we arrested those protestors last night but now there are more of them, about 50.
--Have the cops use pepper spray and get rid of them.
--Sure thing, Boss.
--Boss, there are a few hundred of those protestors now. The cops don't have enough pepper spray.
--Tell 'em to use tear gas.
--We tried that and it cleared out the park but they came back and brought more with them. They're coming in by buses.
--Damn! Do they know what they want.
--Something about jobs.
--Find out who I own at the local TV station and have them do a report making fun of those jerks.
--Boss, that TV report backfired. Now people are coming in from all over the country. They've set up tents, and sleeping bags and people are making speeches.
--You know what, this is some Communist inspired Liberal stunt. Have some of the people from my party join in, infiltrate the place, find out who the leaders are so we can round them up.
--Boss, they couldn't find any leaders. It's like they are all leaders. and there are a few thousand of them now.
--All right that's it. Tomorrow morning we clean out that park and send them all packing with their tents and sleeping bags.
--Boss there a petition against closing the park. It's got 250,000 signatures.
--WHAT !
--Yes, and now there are the same protests going on in other cities. Your buddy in the next state is thinking of bringing in the National Guard. But there are movie stars and other famous people, sports stars and all, joining the protest.
--What the hell is wrong with this country? Why don't they leave matters to their elected officials? We know what's best.
--Boss, I think that's exactly what they don't want to do.
--All right, tell them we won't clear the park, but I want a few of them in my office first thing in the morning.
--If you say so.
--Boss, they said they don't want to talk to you.
--Oh, really. Well then they will talk to Congress. I'll call my friend in the House and have them convene a special investigation. We'll get to the bottom of this.
--Boss, I was talking to a few of them yesterday and I think I understand what they want. I'm going to join the demonstrators.
--Get out of here.
DB - The Vagabond
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pacifica62 said...

It's about time that people took back their power and made the politicians listen. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people all over the world cannot be wrong. This movement comes to my city tomorrow and perhaps I will join them.

Beth said...

It's an exciting moment, and I was glad to stand with them last Monday in my town. It's now moving to Europe and Asia. Let's hope people are waking up!