Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Baffled Right

Reason alone establishes the concept of freedom, and passion collides with it.

Immanuel Kant
Hello Arlene
Lately I've been noticing a particular kind of faulty and incongruous thinking on the part of some Conservatives. It seems as if there has been some sort of brainwashing going on to convince people of conditions that are the opposite of what they really are.

Take the case of the woman who erected a flag pole on her front yard and flew an American flag. She was told by a member of the neighborhood organization to remove it. She was shocked. She said she would have expected that if she lived in a liberal neighborhood, but was amazed that it happened the conservative neighborhood she was in. What?

I wanted to tell her that if she were living in a liberal neighborhood no one would be knocking on her door to tell her to take down her flag. That's what liberalism is about, individual rights and freedoms of expression.

Then there's the case of the young boy who killed his neo-Nazi father. The boy is in serious trouble, but the grandmother took the man's other children away and proudly informed the media that they were being cared for in a conservative home. What?

Those children should be in a good liberal home, as far away as possible from conservatism and especially the influence of the extremist conservatives such as the neo-Nazis.

How can two otherwise intelligent people be so confused about things and guilty of such miscalculation unless somewhere along the road they were convinced that both Liberals and Conservatives are something they are not. The problem is those two people and others like them vote.

President Ronald Reagan, whom some Conservatives still consider to have been a great Present in spite of his economic flop, once said "The Liberals have got it wrong again." That remark helped to sew confusion about the reality of the political scene. He should have been President of the United States. Instead he was President of the Republican Party alone.

I may be dreaming, but I hope the day comes soon when both the Liberals and Conservatives have their positions in the country honestly and not misleadingly stated and are spear headed by intelligent and reasonable people who can earnestly present their philosophies to the country without all the emotion and false drama and then let the voters decide.

Some day I may write on how Liberals misunderstand Conservatives.

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