Monday, October 3, 2011

The Hunt

The new creature we artists are hunting for will not "live" so much, as like time itself, "elapse."

Lawrence Durrell
Hello Bruce
The hunt goes on. The original thinker paces out and measures out areas of the mind that no one has visited before. It is the challenge of darkness, the always elusive forms, invisible but adjacent to reality.

"Come and find me" says the Creature, but is it my voice I hear? I cannot tread these dangerous paths forever. Or can I? Can't we trust the eternality of truth? I have forgotten, like the rest, what the truth is made of, or rather how to recognize it. What is it that hides behind the headlines? What was it that deformed the light and then said "What light?" The hunt goes on.

I do not want to live in a time or place when children turn against each other and the world. There is no explanation given but the truthless, lightless one. I have almost forgotten, like the rest, that the light was deformed and thus so was reason. I have not forgotten the creature who hides before me, invisible but adjacent to reality. And the hunt goes on.

The hunt goes on in the dangerous places where human thought has not been before, where time and space are inventions, like gravity or the wheel, where the inevitable measure of earth light is used up by children in their special games.

There and then, when everything is lost, everything will be gained, and I, like the rest, will remember. One of us artists will be there as it passes by in it's eternal cycle. The uncertainty of living truth is accepted, acceptable. Will my mnemonics or yours see the creature hidden there before us? Will you, or I, or one of us catch it in the net?

So far so good. The hunt goes on.

DB - Vagabond Journeys (The Original)
Never Give Up


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