Friday, October 28, 2011

100 Visitors

Knowledge stamped on the heart makes one wise.

Beth Moore
Hello Linda
I felt that my last journal entry "No End In Sight" was important enough to get some response. even contentious comments from people who disagreed. But on Saturday, when I posted it, I received only 18 visits instead of my usual 30 to 40 (high 20's on a slow day). I thought that was pathetic.

The entry was an honest gift, an attempt to clear the air of some of the superstitious and limited thinking about the cosmos we live in and with. There are temptations engendered in some to treat the Bible and other sacred texts as historical documents. As a result there are always delusional people calculating the end of the world, even among the educated and intelligent. Why should this be? What brings a person to such a state of false belief?

The search for the living truth of our existence as items in the universal patterns is a struggle. It is a long voyage toward the ever expanding mental horizon. It seems easier to abandon the task altogether, to leave such matters to the solitary guru on the mountain top. But it also seems impossible so long as words like heaven, hell, judgement day, immortality , mortality and God are flung carelessly around the tables of discussion.

I fact it seems easier to rely on superstition, hearsay and what someone else has to say about any of those things than to face reasoning one's own way through the tangled foliage of misinterpretations. How many Christians believe that "an eye for an eye," and that if you live a virtuous life you will go to heaven when you die, is the word of God? And yet there was a Jewish man called Jesus Christ who came teaching the "glad tidings" of forgiveness, immortality and "the kingdom of heaven is within you." There was a man for whom everything that existed was a symbol, a trope, a parable. He insisted the people look beyond the obvious to learn the reality of it's meaning and when they couldn't do it he got frustrated and yelled at them.

I decided to leave my journal entry up until I got 100 visits, which happened yesterday (Thursday) afternoon. I know it doesn't mean that 100 people read it, but some of them did, and that's what I hoped for. And perhaps a few of them will begin, if they haven't already, to ponder the fact that there is wisdom, hidden, but in plain sight, with every flower, poem, natural law and powerful force of the universe.

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Valerie said...

DB, I did read your post the other day. Sometimes I don't comment on your entries (and it is quite often!) because they are very thought-provoking. After I am done reading, I am still, thinking, sometimes in awe of your words... not even knowing what to say, yet knowing I want to sit with my thoughts... And I do. Sometimes I think all day. And I should come back more often and leave a comment, I am sorry. I hope this makes sense. I appreciate all of your entries daily and I do read them. I suppose I could at least put a thank you for your post today, but that isn't sufficient when I am in retrospection. I hope this is making sense. Hug! Val =)

Jon said...

I always read your posts but I don't always comment. I don't want to be too annoying.....If I ever got 100 visitors on my blog I'd pass out from the shock. Many of the people who read my blog NEVER leave comments. I usually render them speechless......

Geo. said...

I too would be surprised with 100 readers. Your post caused me to check my stats page and I am popular in Hong Kong. I also seem to be required reading for "onlinelawdegreesinuk". Beat that!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Your posts are always thought provoking.