Saturday, October 1, 2011

Art Exhibit

Ok Vagabond, where have you been?

Well, last night I was at the reception for a big art exhibit in which I had two pieces hanging. I was very impressed with the work there and was a little intimidated by it. But one of the artists came up to me and complimented me very much about one of my paintings and said that on the precious day there had been a lot of discussion about it. That gave me a good feeling.

There was a lot of cheese and cold cuts, some excellent Merlot of which I had too many glasses, a harpist playing in the corner and many people. At one point some of the artists spoke about their work and experiences.

One of them described how art is a language. Whether it's painting, music or literature, it's the artist's specific language, the artist's own observation of life and vision of the world. He noted that each of the approximately 100 pieces of work around the large room were individual expression in an individual language and therefore a vast opportunity for communicating awaiting every person who stopped to look.

The communication is two ways, and that is one of the most interesting things about art. The view, the listener the reader adds something to the work of art to one degree or another. The composer Paul Hindemith referred toit as cocreation.

It was a pleasure for me to show in the exhibit and I am very grateful for the opportunity. When I got back here I was beyond tired so, instead of writing, I went to sleep.

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Jon said...

I haven't been to an art exhibit in years. I don't think West Texans know what one is. The very concept would confuse them.....
By the way, all of us would like to see your paintings!

pacifica62 said...

You passed out from too much wine didn't you? Hope you took the tux off before you hit the bed. Sounds like a wonderful affair and you should be doing things like this more often. Heartwarming to hear some good comments about your painting and to discover that it has been noticed. You live a fairly incubated life most of the time, but when you do get out into the artistic world, you really seem to glow. Perhaps you are feeling a little bit "sunburned" today from all the warm fuzzies and I hope that you are. Bravo.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Did you sell one of your paintings?