Monday, October 17, 2011

May I Have This Dance?

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

Winston Churchill
Hello Val
In the early days of video tape it was wide and think and splicing was impossible. So each full segment of a television program needed to be taped as a whole. Things have improved quite well since then though there are still limitations. A vast amount of lighting is still needed for a scene to look natural and not dim.

Years ago I was involved in the taping of a variety show for TV. The program began with an invisible announcer, then an orchestra began to play. Some dancers came out and did a vigorous dance. Following them the star of the show came out and introduced the guest star, who was a well known film and stage actor and singer. They talked for a bit and then sang a duet. After the duet the star said they would be back after a message from the automobile company that was sponsoring the show. That was the complete first segment.

When the taping started the announcer spoke and the dancers came out and did their dance. The star was late getting into his place so they stopped. They went back to the announcer, the music started again and the dancers did their dance again. The star was in place and did his opening remarks. He introduced the guest. While they were chatting the star flubbed a line. So they went back to the announcer, the music, the dancers, the star coming out and the guest artist. That time they made it to the song but in the song the guest singer forgot on of the lyrics. So they began again with the announcer, the music, the dancers, the star, the guest, the chat, the song and the closing announcement.

The thing that impressed me the most was the spirit of the dancers. It was a very vigorous dance, as those variety shows could often present, and yet the dancers never lost their enthusiasm for doing it, no matter how many times they would have to do it.

I've done films in which I had to do the same simple scene over again more than a half dozen times for one reason or another and it's difficult but you have to deliver the scene at the same quality each time because you don't know which one will end up in the film.

For each successful performance there are scores of failures that end up in the trash bin.

Unfortunately there is usually no trash bin in real life and our failures have a tendency to stick around like doggy poop on a shoe until we get over them and get on with life. That word "enthusiasm" is the key. The joy of any accomplishment is getting it the way you want it. Holding the expectation of that joy in mind can push our efforts along no matter how many times we flop.

It was clear to me those dancers loved what they did, and they had more dancing to do later in the show, but I'm sure they and everyone else sighed with gratitude and relief when the director said "That's a take."

Getting it wrong a few times is usually inevitable. But there is nothing better than to keep going until you get it right.

DB - Vagabond Journeys
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Jon said...

As always, you've hit the proverbial nail on the head. The key to success is loving what you do, have undiluted enthusiasm for doing it, and not worrying about the dog poop that inevitably gets stuck on your shoe.

krissy knox said...

I love the saying by Winston Churchill. We must go from failure to failure w/o loss of enthusiasm. My Mom and I discussed this at the dinner table today! And I told her that success consists of many failures. People who have many failures, if good at what they do, will probably have success if they work at something long enough. I say this because we know that those who have finally achieved success have had to have had a lot of failures first -- their road to success was paved w failures. You can't always make this a direct correlation, that someone will have success, bc before success comes failure -- but i think it is often true! And yes, it is amongst failures, that one will reach success, each time trying again, admist joy in the rain, and with enthusiam until they do so! One thing I am thinking about, as a closing thought. I was told that the root of "enthusiasm" was "in God". Doing things as God would do them, as if they were God breathed, or shall I say BECAUSE they are God breathed and infused, keeps us enthusiastic! And God is a God full of joy, that delights in creation, and is the God of creation Himself, the very Creator. He enjoys creation. Creation fills Him with joy! Therefore I can see where one would have to remain enthusiasiastic (in joy or joyful) about one's creative work to be able to go on with it, going through failure after failure! Yes, indeed, one must go through life, even during the dark times, with joy, and without loss of enthusiasm, before one is able to be successful! If one is not willing to partake in this enthusiasm, even "joy" in the rain (the hard times), one will Never be successful. May we alway have "joy in the rain", have enthusiasm, take chances, try again and again and again. A wise man once told me -- NEVER GIVE UP! Thanks for a great post, Dana :)

krissy knox :)
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Valerie said...

This is one of my favorite posts, DB. I love Krissy's comment, too. And hello, Dana, you made me smile, and want to keep going... =)

Arlene (AJ) said...

If you don't enjoy and love what you do, you'll never be totally happy. Hey we all have to sometimes do something over, but hopefully we learn and keep reaching for our goals.

Rose said...

I believe we all have experienced a job that we were not happy in. I know I have in the past. It was difficult to set the alarm clock the night before to go to a stressful, unhappy place.

Thank goodness, a better position became available to grab with joy.