Saturday, October 22, 2011

No End In Sight

A myth is something which is not true on the outside, but is true on the inside.

Anonymous 4 year old girl.
Hello Sue
Well, the end of the world has come and gone again and except for another day gone by there is no appreciable change in most of our lives. I'm sure there are one or two young millenniumists waiting for their chance to calculate when the Day of Judgement is coming, the Great Catastrophe, the End of the World, the Rapture and the plummet into Hell of the Unbelievers. Their efforts will be just as futile of Mr Camping's and all the other prophets of doom that have existed throughout the ages.

One can play complex games with mathematics and come up with a precise date for the creation of Adam and end up nowhere. For two reasons. One, mathematics is a human method of calculation and not a divine one. "With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day." (2 Peter) And two, the story of the Garden of Eden is a myth, with it's man made out of mud, it's woman made from a rib, an evil tree and a talking snake. It's the truth inside that myth that's important to understand.

Believers are determined to hold on to the concept of an anthropomorphic god, a superior man who has a judgmental eye on every little thing we do, an all powerful creature whose main purpose is punishment and reward, a whimsical being who answers one man's prayers and not another's. It all comes from the bad habit, which is very hard to break, of reading sacred texts literally. The Bible was written by human beings for human beings and thus the words and images used are in human terms. As they must be. If one argues with this idea he will only be quoting human words to do it. Enlightenment comes to one who one day sees what is inside the words. But that can only happen if one is looking for it.

God did not give Moses an exhaustive and elaborate set of instructions about erecting a tabernacle, designing clothes for it's priests, butchering and sacrificing animals or a myriad of rules and regulations for human behavior. What Moses experienced on the mountain top was a vision, a flash of enlightenment, a kind of big bang of spirituality and he set about to describe in human terms what he experienced.

The Revelation of Saint John was not about candlesticks, men on horses, vials of plagues, a lamb prepared for slaughter, a woman descending from heaven surrounded by stars and a great red dragon. We don't know what he saw. All we know is his attempt to describe it in human terms.

I believe a genuine seer who had the purity of thought and the intense obligation could find the real meanings inside of all those symbols and trace them back to the original vision of Moses on the mountain top or of Saint John on the island. And if he got to that state of enlightenment he would find a God nothing at all like the one most people worship. There would be a God that doesn't reward and punish, that knows nothing of a Day of Judgement and that will not, cannot bring and end to It's creation.

Dan Bate - Vagabond Journeys
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pacifica62 said...

Sure makes life a lot simpler if one does not get all wound up in myths, stories, divine truths, and sacred texts. I will happily leave those to whoever wants to believe in them. I can honestly say that I have not spent as much as even five minutes in my life wondering if these stories, texts and other writings have any grain of truth in them or not or whether we as human beings have any way of being able to understand. I don't even know who would have the answers for humans to be able to determine what is fact and what is fiction.

Dannelle said...

Bravo! Having been raised in a Pentacostal fundamentalist household, I was amazed to realize the truth and the freedom to really believe when I discovered what you just expressed. I was 16 and attending a Christian prep/college. It was my religion teacher that showed me the way by assigning me a term paper on the myths of Genesis 1-3. I wanted to fight it but in my extensive research I found enlightenment!

Arlene (AJ) said...

My motto in life is to take it one day at a time and get through it. I don't allow others to determine things for me, if I did, I'd never get anything done from worrying about what so and so said will be, will happen, etc. What will be will be, I believe in making the most of it as none of us know what tomorrow may bring. .

Beth said...

Well, we've got another chance in December 2012. Please prepare accordingly. ;)

Sue said...

Hi Dana,

I could not say it better.

Sue said...

This is a test