Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Qualitative Quest 2/24/09

Qualitative Quest

Atlas groaned only under the weight of the Earth.
Today we sweat under the burden of cosmic ideas.

DB - The Vagabond
Good day Earthling.

It may some day be proven that human beings are the most arrogant, and hence, most ignorant creatures in the universe. We used to believe and proved, we thought, that the Earth was the center of the universe. After having to give up that canard, many now believe, and think they have proven, that the Earth is the only inhabited planet in all of creation. But with the increasing evidence that there might be extraterrestrial activity, the question comes up: Is there life on other planets? So far that question has only two answers: Why should there be? and Why not?

Science fiction writers, astronomers and cosmological theorists have had a grand old time with this subject. If there is life elsewhere we will probably know someday. If there isn't, we may never know it but we will keep looking.

Reason tells us that there must be some form of life existing somewhere out there. But reason itself is a questionable thing. It is merely the way humans think. But man cannot truly classify himself as a terrestrial rational being until he meets a non-terrestrial rational being. And if he were to find totally alien creatures who reason as well as, or better than, he does, he would have to conclude that reason is not what makes him human, that we reason because we're human, and not human because we reason. But what if reason is not the standard of universal mentality?

It seems as likely that there is a superior mode of thinking as there is that pigs can fly or that roses can grow at the bottom of the ocean. That is only because we can't think of one. But what if there is? What if our dedication to reason and our ability to think things through in a logical manner is just another form of believing that the Earth is the center of the universe?

There are some earthbound religions that teach that there is a higher form of thought than reason and that it is obtainable by the enlightened. Maybe that is so, and maybe it is a cosmic form of thought, shared by those whose dwelling place is an all-inclusive mental realm, no matter where they may come from.

I am a reasoning creature, and will no doubt remain so, ,I hope, for I see no better way. But I retain the right to have an open mind about unheard of and undreamed of possibilities in the universe of ideas.

DB - Vagabond Journeys
If your sky is clear, look up and wave. Something may be watching.


Gerry said...

This entry also resonates a lot with me, but I just came from a tenant's organization meeting tonight with the one who called it who had formed a non profit corporation tenant some years ago proposing that we the tenants buy this large building and run it! Which caused me to wonder for the nth time if it is really true that man can reason, and what is reasoning? Many don't seem to have a clue. I thought this meeting was called with posters advertizing it primarily to agitate management and send a message in an ongoing war by certain parties we don't like you and we hope you have a bad night over this even if we don't buy the building! On the hand I have heard people on Talk Radio say that extra terrestrials have communicated with them telepathically as well as with each other, which maybe we could aspire to do if we can ever control the savage beast within. Gerry

Alice said...

I've had a much different attitude about our earthy lives & reasonings since the first man went to the moon. I had always truly believed it was impossible:( So happy they proved me wrong and my attitude about sooo many things I was brought up to believe has changed as well. One is that it's ok to make & form my own opinions about anything:)........

a corgi said...

I'm not sure if there are other inhabitants in other galaxies or planets, DB, but I was just talking with my hubby about space exploration this morning with that rocket that got sent up, costing $280 million dollars and it not doing what it was supposed to do; I know that rocket was for scientific purposes but it just makes me wonder if the $280 million could have been spent elsewhere for people struggling here on earth; makes me think perhaps we should watch out for and take care of those we know about rather than trying to find others out there in space, but what do I know?

interesting perspectives DB


Arlene (AJ) said...

I guess I'm one of those believers that anything or anyone is possible. I find it hard to believe we on earth are the only living beings. If there is life here, why not on other planets.

Mark and Elayne said...

Hello my friend, catching up with my reading.
Good writ; makes one think, as always.

Beth said...

I've always thought it was typical human arrogance to think that there is no other life form out there as "evolved" as we are. Heck, just look on our own planet. We know how intelligent dolphins are, and haven't yet figured out how to communicate with them! (The dolphins are probably telling each other, "Can you believe these boneheads? I don't think they'll ever understand us.")

One of the things I love about science fiction is that it has a philosophical side to it, although a lot of people don't look at it that way. It's all about pondering the possibilities of life, other life forms, time, space, other dimensions...maybe even a portal to another time. [wink]

If we are so settled in our beliefs that nothing else can exist "out there," we won't dream of the possibilities; we won't work on the "how" of those possibilities; and we'll never act on searching for them.

Love, Beth

Leigh said...

I most certainly believe that we aren't the only planet with intelligent life forms. How can you not think it possible that there is a sun out there in the universe with the same conditional ability to sustain life? Because there's no proof yet? Just look at the stars some clear night and know.....
Who knows, we may one of the most backward of all the planets with intelligence-ya never know.
I agree with Beth, it's all about pondering the possibilities...

:) Leigh

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Interesting things that you bring up to contemplate :o)

Lisa said...

There has to be intelligent life forms somewhere....since they aren't on this planet for the most part. ;)

Selchie said...

Lovely dreamy blog, I feel i am wandering along with you...) i left you a bloggie award on my site. Thank you for your musings, very enjoyable. Happy day.)

Anonymous said...
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