Sunday, March 28, 2010

Splish, Splash

I can't think of any sorrow in the world that a hot bath wouldn't help, just a little bit.

Susan Glasee
I don't currently have a bath tub and I miss it very much. I'm always amused at those pragmatic sorts who say that a shower is better than a bath because it uses so much less water, as if somehow they were both to serve the same purpose.

To get clean take a shower. It's a good vigorous walk in the rain.

But to slide slowly into the warm and waiting arms of acceptance, to float weightless in the ocean of the universe, to bask in the womblike center where reason and fantasies meet, to be enwrapped in the magic carpet where the mundane matters of life become just drifting clouds, to travel on warm waves of solitary journeys into unknown lands where you are wanted and loved, to visit pastoral fields of calmness and stillness, to feel the knots slowly untie themselves and the doors slowly unlock, to be where the friendly sages of the world unite in harmonious song, to float through revelations of beauty, to visit secret places where dwell the water nymphs, to glide with ease along the winds and waves of flowered paths, to be lifted up to the mystical plateau where the invisible siren song caresses you, to fly through rainbows and ascend to where the worlds hum as they glide by, to know the serene state of your own being, to let your thoughts be washed of all doubt and worry, to be safe, where no trouble can touch you for an eternity and to rise renewed, regenerated, cleansed and reborn, take a bath.

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Gerry said...

That sounds all well and good but what if bad knees would prevent you from ever rising from this bliss without serious risk of further injury? Which is why I no longer long for hot baths and enjoy my shower. But I enjoyed such a description, never having read one describing a hot bath quite so wonderful before.

Rose~* said...

I love my baths, especially with lots and lots of bubbles! Feels like I'm floating among the clouds, and they smell so nice, too~* Great description of yours, DB.

Trees said...

Who would have thunk it, that a thing as simple as a hot bath, which so many elude these days, in favour of the shower, could transport you into such wonderous places, I am all for that Db, just one little thing, I might get in the bath, but may need a lift to get me out, lol. Thank you for such a wonderful entry, just a simple little thing as a bath can give so much pleasure.

Nance said...

Fabulous! My favorite: to fly through rainbows and ascend to where the worlds hum as they glide by. That's the kind of perspective we need to get through this period of political crap-storm. That, and a little luck. Where did I hear luck defined as "the way the dust settles eons after the gods have passed by"? Whatever; thanks for the reminder to Be Here Now.

Sue said...

Wow, you put into words, how my bath takes me away. When I was first married, my husband did not quite understand how much I needed the solitude of that water. He would knock on the door and say, "Don't worry honey, the fire company is coming to get you out of there." It only made me stay in there longer. He finally got the idea, a relaxed, happy wife is someone to enjoy. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.


Rose said...

I would be lost without my baths. I certainly prefer them to a shower. I light my candles, enjoy a glass of wine while listening to who else? but Sinatra and a sense of peacefulness comes over me.

It also helps my aching back.

And, I actually think you save on the water bill.

Hugs, Rose

Just Bill said...

DB, I use to soak in a bath, for an hour or so. Gave it up and have used the shower for about 40 years now.
Of course it takes me 30 minutes to shower. I also shave in the shower.
Surprised no one mentioned that long sentance you used in your description of a bath. Longest i have ever seen, Bill

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I take maybe one bath a year, but when I do, it is divine.

Judith Ellis said...

Very nice, DB. I love baths. Showers are more advantageous to our hurried lifestyles. But nothing compares to a bath, as you have so beautifully written of here.

Lori said...

"Calgon, take me away!" now seems so silly and trite!