Friday, March 19, 2010

Brian 3

Brian Tames The Lion
Part 3

“It’s probably going to be Kiss Me Kate’” said Brian with an innocent grin.

“It will probably be not!” she snapped back.

Brian was enjoying this. If he could face up to a knife wielding Samuel, he could easily face Miss Bitch.

“Now about casting. I will take Linda Loman, the role in Present Laughter, whoever she is, and Madame Arkadina. Then perhaps something else later in the season when I decide what we’re doing. The Seagull is our first production so you must get to work on it right away.

“I agree” said Brian. “It’s pretty much cast already. I have someone in mind for Madame Arkadina.” There was a long pause, and then he put in the nail. “But you’re welcome to read for it if you want to.”

Up to that moment Sylvia DeLanne had been merely egotistical and demanding. Now there was fire in her eyes. The fight was on and Brian was enjoying it.

“I do not read for roles, Mr. Sim….”


“I play them. This is my theatre. I began it. Years ago in the basement of a coffee shop, I and Jeffry and the others. Those were hard times. Mr. Sim. But we survived. I am the leading actress of this theatre and you better get used to it.”

‘Yes, Ms. DeLanne, your work over the years has been splendid. I’ve read some of the reviews.”

“Quite. Now I won’t hear any more about someone you have in mind. I play the roles I wish to play and the Board of Directors will back me up on that.”

“I don’t think you know them.”


“The Board of Directors.”

“Don’t be stupid. Of course I know them. I’ve known them for years. I picked them.”

“Didn’t you get a notice about the annual meeting?”

“Oh yes” she sighed heavily. “But I never go to those, they’re just a boring waste of time.”

“You probably should have been at this one.”


“There’s a new Board.”

(To be continued.)


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Ouch man, pays to read the small print on the board meeting notices.

Gerry said...

I have known quite a few theater queens in my time. Seems like every theater company has got them no matter how small or obscure the company. Ha. They can develop over night! I will be interested to see if you can win any crucial battles with this one you are writing about. I can just see her. She is living and breathing fire!

salemslot9 said...

didn't correct her in
part 2
plus, I was thinking of
Alistair Sim
at the same time