Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Story

The Savior

Part 2

Adam quickly put his boots in the shower and turned the water on. He pulled off his blood soaked socks and threw them in as well. Then he carefully examined his feet to see where the blood was coming from.

He thought some of his toe nails, which he hadn’t clipped lately were probably digging in to his toes and making them bleed. But he carefully examined all of his toes and found no cuts. He removed his trousers to see if the blood was coming from somewhere else but there was no blood on his legs.

He removed the rest of his clothes and got into the shower. He cleaned out his boots, wrong out his socks and tossed the into the sink to be cleaned later. He took a shower and as he finished he heard the phone ringing.

That’s strange, he thought, as he got out of the shower. No one ever calls me and it’s too late for the telemarketers. It will probably stop ringing before I get there, he thought as he dried himself off.

As he entered his room the phone was still ringing, so he answered it.


“Adam Zelf?”


“We know who your are.”

The caller hung up.

(To be continued.)

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