Sunday, July 11, 2010

Like A Swan

If we don't go through the dreaming process, nothing will move us toward our goal or our vision.

Werner Berger
I was the ugly duckling in my family. I don't mean to suggest the others only waddled and quacked all the time. They were just not dreamers as I was. I got a lot of criticism from certain of my folks because they would find me sitting somewhere staring into space. One of the ironic problems connected with having a mind that dreams up things, mentally fashions them and devises ways to begin making them happen is that no one can see that mind working. The people in my family were doers, not dreamers. They would jump into things and figure out how to do them later. They always wanted me to be up and doing something or looking like I was doing something before I had a chance to think through anything.

Thank heaven for the arts. When I grew up, became a swan and got into the performing arts there was no question about doing something. An actor is one who does something. But in the case of theatre the something done is worked out artistically, and that means through invention and imagination. At those times the mind has to wander through the bits and pieces of the actors work unaided by any waddling and quacking.

Certainly art is not the only enterprise that needs a period of good solid imagining. The danger is that sometimes when we catch ourselves dreaming we think we're doing wrong and should stop it, slap ourselves in the face and get quacking. Concentration on the tasks at hand is vital, of course. But when dreaming time comes there is nothing wrong about following the dreaming wherever it goes. There are discoveries in dreams, and the best ones are those that give us visions for the future and goals
to work for when the waddling and quacking time comes.

Those good dreams stay with us and recur. We improve on them and eventually, if we don't shut them off, they lead us into doing and having the something we dream of.

When the time and circumstance allow it's more than just a pleasant rest to let our minds meander swan like through the universe of thought. It is a joyously productive thing to do.

DB - The Vagabond
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We're having a heat wave,
A tropical heat wave,
The temperature's rising,
It isn't surprising,
She certainly can can-can.

Irving Berlin

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1. baseball, soccer ball, football, tennis ball.

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2. grizzly koala black polar
3. flute violin banjo harp
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7. New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York
8. tennis badminton ping pong volley ball
9. Champlain Erie Michigan Superior

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Rose said...

I'm sure your dreams were vivid as you are such a talented man!

Hugs, Rose

Big Mark 243 said...

You were always what you are. Never were you a duckling and you were always a swan.

I tend to let people tell me what they think of me not that I am identified by them as much as I am now able to identify THEM.

Always I have been the person that I have thought I was. You have always been who it is you have thought you were.

Sue said...

I have just finally figured out that cooking is an art. I keep improving and improvising. Who knew? Thanks for pointing that out. Sue

pacifica62 said...

The thing about swans is that although they look graceful and beautiful, they are mean, nasty creatures. I am sure that I come from a family of doers as well as I do not recall dreaming of being anything in particular. As a Gemini I have spent a lifetime in quiet thought and contemplation wondering about many things, but, for me, I would not call that dreaming. My mind does meander and goes in many different directions. There is usually a lot going on beind what my eyes are seeing.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Without dreamers, we certainly would not be as advanced as we are today.