Monday, July 26, 2010


They won't let me jopin Twitter because they say my email address is already taken. Of course it is, it's taken by me. It's in their files from the last time I tried to join it and they didn't let me. What kind of egregious nonsense is that? I want to get on there because the other Dana Bate in the country is on it.


That corgi :) said...

surprised you included your full name DB. so naturally what does one do when they find out someone's name, they google it. And I found out there is quite a bit of difference between you and the other person with your name. interesting you can't get on Twitter. I don't Twitter or Face Book.


Anonymous said...

I've truly never wanted to access Twitter, but I wish you luck with claiming your OWN email. Weird.

Liz said...

Let me get this right.
You have tried TWICE to join Twitter?

And failed both times?


let me think...

1 Change your tune then
2 Change your name.
3.Three times.

...dadgummit I didn't say not to keep in touch...