Thursday, July 8, 2010

And There Was Light

Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens.

J R R Tolkien
Oh, I know what you're thinking. "Life is serious bushiness. What's the point of having a sense of humor about it?" Stay tuned and I'll tell you.

I consider one of the great blessings of my life, as a result of going on the Internet in 2004, is the collection of friends I've made through the journals, originally in Jland and now in The Google Blogspot, and my list of email buddies. Most of you I haven't met and some of you I never will meet but I feel and know there is real love shared. I could name names but I might leave someone out by accident. And I note that because of facade book and tweeter some folks aren't blogging much any more. But I am still and am still trying to understand and write the truth.

I also think with affection about my lost and former friends, Some folks have left my life for various personal reasons. But others have turned away when they thought I was leading into dark areas. One person said my journal entries were whiney and self-indulgent. It's a gracious fact that others didn't find them so who were faced with similar problems and decisions. We all have the right and freedom to draw from our own life experiences to offer compassion, understanding and advice.

I've been told that I was going down a dark road. Well, damn, sometimes the road is dark but that doesn't mean there's no light on it. I've always tried to conduct my life with joy and a sense of humor. That means I bring my light with me. And your lights come gliding through your journals even when the news is grim. So when the darkness comes take my hand, we'll laugh and get through it.

I love my friends, even the faithless ones. When night falls and the fierce and terrifying storm is raging outside anyone who comes to my simple, sloppy home seeking chocolate, laughter, love, music or safety, in any order, will find them.

DB - The Vagabond
(This is not a contest.)

Who are the 2 (two) most important people alive today? Why?

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pacifica62 said...

This is so nice db and I can tell it is written from the heart. Your home sounds like a safe haven from the world with so many comforts offered to visitors. I dare say that there is probably a beckoning candle in the window as well. Gosh I have to wonder what kind of lives some people lead if they are afraid of darkness. I cannot imagine anyone who lives in full out brilliant sunshine day after day. Some days there are clouds and some times the nights are dark but we stumble along trying to find our way back to the road and to the light. I certainly would love to stop in for a coffee and some conversation. Your offer is most inviting and maybe one day I will find myself way over on the east coast.

Valerie said...

Oh, you have chocolate? I'm coming over!! LOL

This was beautiful. I think some of the JLanders went to facade book because they were scarred by having their journals dumped and having everyone scattered. I still am. I went through a depression of sorts. I got mad as a hornet, too. Still am mad, too. I hope some of them can get back to journaling. I had to do a soothing blog for awhile myself. Now I am ready to write again. Stay tuned =)!

Yes, this was so nice to read. Love you, my friend. xox

Arlene (AJ) said...

As always a wonderful read DB. We may lose friends,and so called friends as life goes on, but the wonderful part is that tomorrow brings a new day and the opportunity to meet another person who could touch our hearts with love and kindness...we just always have to stay positive, can make a world of difference in our outlook on life.

Big Mark 243 said...

Good post. I have considered the passing on of some journal friends to other forms of social networking to be their evolution and I feel no less closer to them than when they were out sharing their stories in the blogosphere.

That you went through your period of darkness and are now emerging on the other side of it is a testament to you. Bravo!! Like you say, it gets dark but that does not mean there is no light.

Who knows when that open invitation will be taken up? Be well, friend!!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

We all blog for different reasons, and it surely can be an outlet. I have not posted about my own dark areas, but that is partially to protect the innocent [even if they really are not so innocent]. Glad things are a touch smoother today than on some previous days.

Liz said...

My friend,
You carry the light within you to illuminate any road you take.
Darkness surrounds us all, only a few do not need streetlights to show them the way ahead.

Rose~* said...

Any house with chocolate in it, is one that I would love to visit. The weather has been fairly warm over here lately, and I didn't want to add more heat to the house by firing up the computer. Just enjoying the birds singing and taking nightly walks around the neighbourhood. There have been a few black bear sightings, but I have yet to see one this year. Hubby is going to prune the blackberry bushes in our yard, so they don't become an attractant for the bears. Nature - you gotta love it!