Thursday, March 22, 2012


Set your goals high and don't stop till you get there.

Bo Jackson
Hello Arlene
There are too many obstacles in the way of achieving our goals. The higher and more noble the goal the more obstacles we encounter. There must be some kind of sinister law about that. Some people will say not to want too much out of life and that way avoid the troubles that come with trying to get it. There's an old saying I've heard that goes "You always get what you want, so be very careful about what you want."

The human spirit is a flexible thing, thank goodness, and can stretch out to grasp ideas that are higher than the day by day views we have of life. Marcus Aurelius said "A noble man compares and estimate himself by an idea which is higher than himself, and a mean man, by one that is lower than himself." So why not grab a noble idea and pursue it?

I've known people in the past who I admired for their ability to face up to whatever obstacles come up and simply deal with them without getting upset or side tracked. It's the obstacles of life that make us forget what we were really doing before they occurred. It happens to me all the time.

I love to read. I get very bored with books that don't point out new and unusual trails for me to consider. I may get side tracked wandering onto one of those But the adventure is worth it. Sooner or later, however, I have to get out the trail guide and find my way back to the goal that really motivates me, the goal of enlightenment.

Human relationships can also pose enormous obstacles. Did I waste my gentle affection on someone who wasn't worth it? Maybe. But it sure took me down the rocky road to nowhere for a while. On the other hand when Linda R. comes over she jumps in rearranging my books, my furniture and my life. But at the same time she is an artist and a woman of insight and positive energy. If she distracts me from my goal it's a pleasure, doesn't last long and doesn't send me down into the cul de sac. I also have email friends I can count on for words of sanity and sooth. The right companionship is important.

But most important is the size, quality and value of the goals you set for yourself. Don't stint yourself. Don't come short of your potential. Don't be mean to yourself and compare with ideas that are smaller than you are. just to avoid obstacles On the contrary reach for something bigger. The Bible says "Set your affection on things above," (Colossians) Emerson said "Hitch your wagon to a star.."

DB - The Vagabond
Never Give Up

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Arlene (AJ) said...

Thanks for the hi DB, back at you dear.
I can feel the warmth in your words that you write, can definitely feel the peace you are feeling with your new move and getting your new apartment set up.
Through the tough times it's nice to know that better days are ahead if we just believe and allow ourselves to keep moving forward.
What would the world be without books to read, they are my evening peace to my heart after a tough day.