Tuesday, March 13, 2012

No Pain

In the darkest, meanest things
Something always, always sings.

Hello Bruce

I will go deep and hear the forest song.
Maybe I will be alone.

I will let the winds take me far across the sea.
I will not be tied to wrong.

I will bring a light into the darkness.
I will find a sacred stone.

I will mark the path with rain drops.
I will not fail the song.

I will dance the wild meadow unconfined.
I will not know alarm.

I will cast all cords and cares aside.
I will be lost in time.

I will see my love spelled out in clouds.
I will do no harm.

I will not dwell with foolish folk.
I will not sit near crime.

I will breathe the ocean's silver air.
I will speak of right.

I will bury my book in mystic ground.
I will hear no evil mirth.

I will search on consecrated ground.
I will find the light.

I am unfettered, free from lies.
I walk the earth.

Things unravel in irrational ways behind someone else's closed door.
Let them. I will turn and freely walk the earth

Nothing lost, all is gain.
I do not need to feel the pain.

DB - Vagabond Journeys
Never Give Up


Geo. said...

Splendid poem, DB., which I rank with an old W.D.Snodgrass favorite, "These Trees Stand". There's comparable strength in them.

Dannelle said...

A marvelous creed! Words to implement into every moment!