Thursday, March 15, 2012

Moving Day Two

I will take care of today and let the future take care of itself.

Hello Stuart
Life is unfinished business, I have often said. It's a refreshing thing to realize that the thing you took care of yesterday you don't have to deal with today, and the thing you deal with today you won't have to face tomorrow. And tomorrow's tasks are the things of tomorrow, not today. And so each day unfolds with it's separate challenges and deeds. Today is the day you live. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow.

I was talking last night with two friends who, like me, just moved into a new home. We were comparing the processes of discovery, that strange and magical moment when you open a box and find something you forgot about or maybe even thought you lost. Then comes the head scratching dilemma of finding the thing you know you kept and packed somewhere. But all cardboard boxes and shopping bags look the same, they don't announce what's in them. If you were smart you labeled the boxes "summer clothes" or "kitchen stuff." But you probably didn't. Then when you finally uncover last years' tax returns you wonder how they got packed with the kitty litter.

There's an old saying you've no doubt heard "It takes o' heap of livin' to make a house a home." One of the joys of moving into a new place is knowing that one day soon it will be the place where you can comfortably start that heap of living. As you stare at the chaos you can know that it will get harmonized one day into a living space.

I've noted that every important decision I make, every step in the learning ladder of life experience, every realization of a previously unknown truth presents an upheaval of my thinking, a minor or major mental chaos. I've learned not to expect an instant straightening out of the mental mess or immediate answers to some of the questions. It is enough for me to know that eventually, some time in the future, it will get sorted out if I deal with as much of it as I can today and not worry about tomorrow.

That is not to say that people shouldn't have hopes, dreams and plans. But even those must be dealt with one task, one day at a time. They will never be fulfilled unless they are. But for today the dream is unfulfilled, like your home, like your life, it's unfinished business.

DB - The Vagabond
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Rose~* said...

Nice to hear that you have moved. I always hated the chaos of moving, and learned to label everything. The most important things were always coffee, cream and sugar, lol.