Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What Peace?

One path alone leads to a life of peace The path of virtue.

I have searched my soul. I didn't say or do an unkind thing. I didn't judge or criticize. I taught her some things. I gave her money. I gave her some winter gloves. I bought her flowers. I was getting ready to do a lot more. I admired, respected and believed in her. I gave her my purest affections. I loved her like a daughter. And now there's a nasty thorn stuck onto my blameless heart that won't dislodge. Where is my peace?



Geo. said...

In my experience peace is always elsewhere. It's a journey.

Donna said...

Peace, to me, is living in the moment and knowing life doesn't last forever.

Dannelle said...

My Gran always said, "Peace it's wonderful!" and then would turn around and sing "I'll fly away oh glory,..."
I am going through the same puzzlement with a person I thought was a friend.... What did we do? Probably just made them angry by trying to show kindness-